Session 1-18-09

Just Matt and I today and we are both on the injured reserve
list….so a definite need to take it kinda easy.

2 rds shadow boxing
3 rds sparring
2 rds freestyle footwork drills

We broke out the mountain axes and worked through all of the figure
eight motions that we use in both the right and left hand. Earlier
this week I took my CS Norse Hawk and replaced the short haft with a
sledge hammer handle that I had worked over a bit with a belt sander
giving it a more rectangular shape. I think the best CS hawk for this
conversion would probably be the small trail hawk.

We the took out the Lopatka or e-tool. Lopatka is the Russian name for
it and I think it lit means little shovel. We did a progressive drill,
e-tool vs bayonet, followed by the same type of idea against a knife.
We finished up with the e-tool held in more of an ice pick grip with
the blade along the forearm acting like a shield against the knife.


4 Responses

  1. Ken, is that a folder or do you use a fixed handle for the shovel?

    • Hi Jason,

      I use the fixed handle shovels. I have one CS Special forces and one 1939 issue Soviet model I play with. I am not a real big fan of the folders but someone did bring out a folding, telescoping model made by Glock that was really nice.

  2. Thanks. I’m assuming these are not sharpened, but are the edges beveled or anything?

  3. the CS shovel is pretty sharp still. From the factory it was very sharp but it has seen alot of use since I got it so it is getting dull. Usually for training we duct tape the edge. The old Soviet shovel shows signs that only one side had a decent edge on it but that is long worn down to a dull bevel.

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