Session 10-11-09

Pretty much a replay of last weeks session:

2 rds shadow boxing

2 rds sparring

1 rds GnP floor bag

1 rd heavy bag

1 rd focus gloves

2 rds freestyle footwork

We left out the grappling again this week, my shoulder is still sore and Matt is getting over a broken collarbone from a motorcycle accident. Instead we brought out the knives again and went over the drills we had worked on last week.

Basic one for one parry thrust drill and a matador style thrust from the Castillian guard. We geared up a bit and upped the intensity from last week. We ended the session with some work using the e-tool, we worked through the triple round strike that I use with the shillelagh.  Honestly this combination works great with any weapon…even very large two handed ones…and of course unarmed.


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