NEOHEMAS session 8-7-14

Chris, Gary, Jason and I today…

2 rounds of shadow boxing
4 rounds of boxing
2 rounds Pammachon boxing – boxing with a knife on your waist. Knife can only be pulled once you clinch. This was really eye opening. Learned a great deal just from these two rounds…how hard it is to draw your blade and how hard it is to stop the other guy from drawing his. This will become a staple for us with expanded rules for the engagement down the line. Since Chris is a LEO this is just the sort of thing that we can do to try and make him safer on the job. You can read more about the ancient sport and it’s modern recreation here:
This lead to an exploration of whether it was better to draw the knife in an ice pick grip or saber grip. At least for the range we found ourselves in during this drill we found that we almost always drew the blade in ice pick grip.
We then worked on two different striking concepts…step across and hook with the rear hand followed with a spinning back elbow and finish with either a rear hook or a fouette. The step across is pretty severe, probably need to make a video clip of this one to share. We also worked on a simple leverage parry jab against jab from mirror image stance.
We ended our session with a wrestling take down called a barzegar, named after an Iranian wrestler for the 70’s Mansour Barzegar. Here is a clip of the takedown:
A little alien feeling at first but once we got to do it a few time it started to flow.



Mansour Barzegar Silver Medal 1976 Olympic games in Freestyle.

NEOHEMAS 6-29-14 Session

David, Gary, Jason and I today…

4 rounds shadow boxing
1 round focus gloves
2 rounds boxing sparring
1 round freestyle footwork
We then spent a little time working on unmatched stances circling to the outside and ended our boxing session with the following combo, lead Mexican uppercut, rear Mexican uppercut finishing with a lead hook to the body.
Our sambo trained was all par terre (ground work) today. Some free rolling and counters to chokes as well and some positional work ending with a step over ankle lock from inside the guard.
I have been taking a martial break since Combat Con, felt real nice to jump back into it. Going to try and get David and Gary ready for Sombo Joe Nationals in August, not sure if we have the time to do it but will be trying.

NEOHEMAS 5-11-14

Chris and I were joined by a couple of long distance folks, Cain and Daniel this weekend….

2 rounds shadow boxing
5 rounds focus gloves, lot’s of material to go over for the two visitors.
3 rounds 3 count cadence drills
New guys are always great…nice to have Chris get a chance to coach some today as well.
Chris then took us through a couple of defenses against a single leg take down and a few subs from these defenses.
Daniel and Cain were mostly looking to play with longswords so after we tortured them with our standard unarmed work we went outside and enjoyed the nuce weather with some steel in our hands.


NEOHEMAS 4-27-14

Saturday, Chris and I got together for 10 rounds of boxing and savate. We ended our session outside with about 20 minutes of quarterstaff then a half hour of sparth axe.

Sunday…David, Gary, Jason and I.
Our focus this time around was on boxing and wrestling. After our shadowboxing, pad work and sparring we dove right into wrestling with Gary taking the lead. Nice sitting back and learning for a change as Gary took us through some basic wrestling…windmill, switch and standing switch and waffle.
The plan is for Gary to coach us on our wrestling all summer.
Central College Wrestling


David, Jo, Jason, and I today…

2 rounds shadowboxing
2 rounds boxing
1 round savate
2 rounds focus gloves

We then worked on displacement before throwing the fouette in savate…one two straight punch combo followed by displacement fouette or displacement fouette, chasse or just displacement chasse.

Next out came the navaja trainers. We worked on a simple counter cut defense to a straight thrust and also defesne against having your knife hand grabbed.

We finished hte session with David working with Jo on some boxing and Jason and I doing some tomahawk (David also joined in here). Basic cutting pattern,g rips and a whole lot of talk and work about binding, getting stuck and what to do about it.

On Saturday Matt and I worked on some tomahawk (will this be the summer of the hawk?) Shillelagh in the style of Footpad and the Cane as well as three takedowns to go along with pugilism,


NEOHEMAS session 10-6-13

Gary, Jason and I today….Jason still on injured reserve.

2 rounds shadow boxing
1 round boxing
3 rounds limited boxing (one boxer only can throw straight leads)
1 round savate
On with the kurtki…today we worked on the front trip and a takedown called the Cuban. Since it is still leglocktober we worked on a few leg locks and leg lock defenses today. Defending straight ankle lock and Achilles crush as well as the mechanics of the double ankle lock and a few others. We ended out grappling session with two rounds or parterre.(ground work)
Not to leave Jason out we did some basic navaja work from a seated position, foists or hand switches as well as a drill called the Sevillian star. Better to do it with footwork which Gary and I did but still useful to do it from the mat with a bum knee.

NEOHEMAS session 10-4-13

Gary and I today. Jason injured but ran the timer and just generally helped out.

2 rounds shadow boxing
1 round boxing
1 round savate
10 15 second rounds of Russian stormfighting (unbelievably tiring…like 10 adrenaline dumps.)
Stormfighting in a nutshell for those who have no idea what it is..15 second rounds of pure aggression and no rules.(we still do our best to not break our training partners though.) Although it is a comp in Russia, we use it as an attribute builder. Teaches aggressive attack and how to not only deal with pressure but how to apply it. One ten round stormfighting bout probably teaches you more than ten normal roungs of sparring but man…it kicks my butt bad! Will try tog et some video of the stormfighting next time around. Our stormfighting tradition comes way of RAF Russian All Round FIghting.
We then worked on a move form wrestling dubbed the farmaconda, made famous by the Schultz brothers. Since wrestling season starts soon for Gary, we will be hitting the wrestling extra hard. Here is a link to a vid of the farmaconda being used in international competition:
Seeing that this month has been dubbed Leglocktober, we decided that every session this month will include leglocks….went over bassic achilles crush and straight ankle lock as well as inverted heelhook.

NEOHEMAS session 9-26-13

Just Gary and I last night…

2 rds shadowboxing
2 rds boxing
1 rd savate
1 rd partnered footwork drill
1 rd freestyle footwork
We then jumped right into (what has become normal for Thursday night session) ringen! We had a talk about Ott Jud and his theory of speed, skill and proper use of strength and how it related to each of us at to a few others we train with.
We reviewed out work with Von Auerswald’s manual up to and including Das Schlosringen (the lock wrestling).
lock wrestling

NEOHEMAS session 9-15-13

David, Gary, Jason and I today…

2 rounds shadow boxing
1 round focus mitts
2 rounds boxing
We then worked on the concept of rhythm in our boxing, getting our punches closer together rather than faster was one aspect of our rhythm training borrowing concepts from music theory…we also worked on breaking our rhythm as a tactic during sparring. Last for our striking was a little work from the clinch, tying up the arms to clear a path for heavy body and back of the head shots.
Our grappling today was Von Auerswald again…reviewing the first series and getting into the Durchlauffen and Arm Winding this time. Great deal of fun…will continue with this.

Session 11-18-12

First off…super tardy on any reports for the last few weeks and my trip to Chicago as well. Last couple of weeks has been Chris, Gary, David and I training, lots of striking and grappling. Plenty of live rolling. Both Gary and Dave have their first wrestling comps coming up so we want to get them a little extra mat time.

Trip to Chicago to teach pugilism at both Forteza Fitness and Gallowglass Academy went well. Forteza Fitness is an incredible facility. I am still slightly Green. Keith Jennings and family made me feel at home and we had a nice group of eager pugilists that hopefully went home with some new(old) ideas.
Sunday found me at Allen Reed’s Gallowglass Academy doing a semi private lesson on pugilism for Allen and Patrick Bailey. We went over a ton of material…Allen and Andrea were excellent hosts making me feel at home as well.
Ok, so now I got that out of the way, current training report.
Chris, David, Gary, Matt and I last Sunday. Full house, maybe one more person could have squeezed in for some of the action. Jason was there with his daughter, Jason took a bunch of pics while his daughter absorbed some quick self defense type stuff.
2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds three count cadence drill
2 rounds focus pads
right into the grappling….we started working on the north south choke, improving our understanding of it and perfecting out technique that we found lacking. great improvement. We then did some live rolling for around a half hour.
Out came the longsword for Dave, Matt and i, followed by dussack while Chris and Gary went over some more striking ideas along with Jason’s daughter Danelle did some pad work as well.
So much I wanted to get to but ran out of time…the more people we have show up, the less we get to but having a full house is nice. Definitely want to hit footwork hard next week and do some Spanish knife training as well.