Session 1-27-13

David, Gary and I…
2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds boxing
2 rounds partnered footwork
1 round free style footwork
On with the jackets for some sambo. 
2 rounds grip work
Our focus this week was the back trip, cross body position and straight ankle lock. We worked on variations, and counters to these three concepts. Working first from a static position then moving to a more active almost one step sparring of all three.
Sambo at this years Arnolds Martial Arts Festival in March. Tentative, plans for us to go and compete. We will see how things roll in the next few weeks

Session 9-23-12

Dave, Gary and myself today.

2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds focus pads
2 rounds one for one boxing drills

Since both these guys are new, we also worked some body mechanics for certain punches including the uppercut, which they were introduced to today. Both are coming along nicely, very happy about that. Their father is hanging out as well helping hold pads which is pretty handy…as anyone who has held the pads knows, it is harder to do a good job as the feeder than the guy hitting the pads at times.

We threw on some jackets for sambo…first off, parterre or groundwork. We worked on gaining and holding the head and arm position and then a few escapes, working it into a drill. We then worked gaining the armbar from a simple take down off of an opponents failed shoot. We then worked a few throws and sub combos including the sambo single and back trip, finishing up with the old man’s throws, as we call it.

We finished the session with Gary working the bag and Dave and I going some basics with German longsword.

Chris won his fight on Saturday night, via choke in round 1. Hoping tog et some video of it.

Session 7-1-12

Just Matt and I today…brutal hot in our training hall!
Would have considered just skipping today but sweating can be fun and we had to talk about Combat Con and travel plans.
2 rounds shadow boxing
1 round pugilism
1 round savate
1 round kickfighting
2 rounds hand to hand (basically all out combat, we do our best not to break our training partners though but everything goes in this one.)
We were pretty well cooked after the h2h but decided to hit the combat glima some since Matt had a nice takedown on me using the glima single leg during our h2h session. We worked on defending the headhold, then going right from defense into the head hold and headhold takedown, both forward and back. We ended out combat glima or lausa tauk with a three fall bout.

We ended the session with some sambo, working on gaining a leg lock from the back in standing position.
I will be seeing some of you in Vegas before the end of the week!

Session 8-28-11

Matt and I today.

No session last week or even midweek. had a run in with a hornet and found out I am more allergic than I thought I was.

Matt had eye surgery a few weeks ago and finally got the ok to get punched in the head…
2 rounds shadow boxing
4 rounds boxing
1 round savate

On with the jackets for some sambo…
2 rounds grip work
2 rounds freestyle sambo
1 round par terre.

Sambo is fun but more than a little rough, often we are turned upside down during a throw or groundwork, stomach acid has no respect for the authority of gravity (what does that mean? I don’t know) we call it sambo reflux. Often heartburn follows a good training session. I also suffer from something I call sambo amnesia. I have the hardest time remembering how we get to the ground even if I am the guy doing the throwing. Often I have to ask my training partner what just happened. Strange but like I said, fun.

Out came the navaja trainers. After a quick refresher on some basics we spent some time throwing a viaje or three. A viaje is a low line thrust to the belly, there are several different methods for doing this. We focused on a fully committed attack sometimes with a standard grip, some times with a Mediterranean grip(edge up). We also worked our cambios (hand switches)and switched from a viaje to a desjarretazo or ripping attack. We ended with a review of technique using the faja or sash, the finale being a bout using the faja and navaja in conjunction.

We then went over some of Dempsey’s basics for power generation, this time we applied them to elbow strikes…brutal! We also hit the shovel hook, both to the head and to the body. My favorite punch. Last we applied Dempsey’s mechanics to holding and hitting, the shoulder whirl is a thing of beauty.

Good session, felt good to get to hitting people again.

So what is happening in your training sessions? I really want to steal some of what you do.

Recreational Violence VII After Action Report

Finally caught up on my sleep enough to post…

Great time this past weekend sharing, learning, getting together with old friends and making new ones. Let me just jump right into the classes.

James Klock first gave us Ringkunst or Medieval German Wrestling…fun class. James is a teacher by trade and it shows through in his ability to get an idea across plus he makes a wicked mead!

Josh Little then taught Obsessio & Schützen – Bringing the Gap in I.33. This was my first class ever with sword and buckler. I enjoyed much more than I thought I would and wish I would have looked into this earlier…much fun.

Next up Meyer’s Dussack with Randal Gustitis…nice class with about a years worth of information crammed into it. I just wish I was able to absorb all of it or at least more than I did. Some new insight gained regardless of how much I missed.

Next Blackwatch Tomahawk with Chris Thompson. Anti-pugilism manual performed with the hawk. Violent and to the point, just how i like it.

Kirk Lawson, Military saber to bowie. Kirk took us through three military saber manuals first with sword then with bowie. We got to see what translated well and what did not and what needed tweaked. Great idea for a class.

Last class for Saturday- Dan Kanagie took us through Paradosiakos Pagratio Kato…basically controlling our opponent on the ground and beating the crap out of him. What more could I ask for in a class?

Sunday’s classes were all one hour and there were fewer and we were thankful.

Jointlocks and Other Body Distortions with Randal Gustitis. Randal took the Buza he showed us last year and used it as an entry point for some interesting joint locks and body manipulations from ROSS. I have been working the Buza some this last year so it was nice to put it into action.

Meyer’s Rapier with John Enzinas. Both John and Craig Shackleton (who was assisting him) took us through some of the basics and a few plays from Meyer’s rapier section…like with the earlier I.33 class, i was surprised by how much I enjoyed this class.

Next up Close quarter knife with Tim Anderson. Just as it sounds…we were up close and personal working the knife in one of the most fun classes of the entire weekend. A few of us came out a little worse for wear but it was well worth it.

Last class was me teaching sambo. Since most of the people who were able to stay till the end were of the swordy variety, I decided to work mostly standing grappling at the jacket so it would be more useful to them. It was scheduled to be the first class of the weekend but I swapped out since a few people had to leave earlier than planned. I tried to tone it down but just by the nature it turned out to be fairly demanding but hopefully some people were able to take something home.

The weather was nice for a change and the alcohol consumption was up…but I think it was mostly due to my wife’s accelerated consumption. Our highland cattle made to break outs during the weekend. Chris Thompson and I caught her the first time but on Sunday it took, Randal, Chris, Craig and I quite some time to corral both cow and calf. I am sure a you tube clip should be showing up any tme now thanks to Mr Little.

Overall a good weekend, no injuries worse than a bruise,scratch or two, lot’s of new takes on things and more conversation than can be digested in a lifetime. of course we are already talking about next year.

Session 3-7-11

Justin and I today…
2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds boxing
1 round partnered footwork drill
1 round freestyle footwork
I took a nice hard bareknuckle punch about a half inch northwest from the point right in between my eyes. It had a real ballpeen hammer-like feel to it. Two days later and I am still tender.

On with the kurtka for sambo…
2 rounds of balance/grip work
Then we worked on getting up to speed with some of the sambo concepts we have been working on lately.
Falling armbar from forward pressure
pop off to Georgian grip to back trip
Georgian grip from lapel grip to back trip
heel hook from mount escape

We then went over the 11 messer plays from the Glasgow fechtbuch. Trying to get the lessons and movement ingrained, so far so good.

We ended the session making a mace from a huge heavy bushing I bought at Tractor Supply. If you have a local store, do check out their tractor parts, some very interesting shaped chunks of metal there.

Session 2-13-11

Only Justin and I today…

Short session today.

We started out the session working on some interesting old Russian stick exercises and then applying them to the mountain axe.

Last week I bought a number of table runners to use as sashes or faja…so we worked quite a bit on our technique using the navaja and faja together. We used two methods, first the faja n the off hand and then the faja stretched between the hands with the navaja in the right hand. We did some bouting both with and without the sash.

Next up we worked on the recortes as a counter to both a straight thrust and a jiro. Once the recortes was finished we were throwing a rear leg fouette at the opponents midsection. Fun mixing savate and navaja play:)

We finished the session with some drills developed around the madeja ( skein of yarn, figure-8 ) A thrust comes in and the counter is made in the madeja pattern and a series of cuts follow all along the same pattern as the defender moves either to the outside or the inside of the attackers blade.

So a short session, about an hour and a half, but we got some good navaja work in.