NEOHEMAS Session 8-11-13

On Friday, Gary and i got together for a solid 2 hours of working on sambo and sparring from the Sombo Joe Nationals coming up on the 17th of this month. We worked real heavy on foot sweeps, posts and trips. A good deal of talk and work on game plans and tactics. My daughter Sophia joined us for some beginning sambo as well.

On Sunday Chris, Gary, Jason and I…first hour was Chris and I working mitts and cadence drills along with some energy drills. Not really an eastern martial arts energy drills, more reaction to action type of things.
Gary and Jason showed up for the last hour and we hit the sambo real hard, once again working on trips and plenty of groundwork. Poor Gary got twisted up pretty good but he has made so much progress since he started. it is no walk in the park once you get him on the ground. He is a scrambling machine but he is out weighed by both Chris and I by a good 30-40 lbs. He is going to do great against guys his own size this coming weekend.
Once this weekend is over we wills tart weapon training again as part of our normal routine. Nice to have such a strong focus now and then but I miss doing some things as a result.
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2013 Ohio State Sombo Championships AAR

Early Saturday morning David, Gary, Jason and I headed down to Jamestown Ohio for 2013 Ohio State Sombo Championships.
My plan was to compete but upon arriving there was a serious lack of old dues so I decided not to do take part, they offered me an exhibition bout but I really did not understand what that meant fully…I now wish I would have done that but at least now I know what that entails.
Both Gary and David took part. The turnout was not all that great so there was not a lot of competition but they did get a decent amount of mat time. Both won and lost and learned a great deal. Each managed to win by submission with Gary pulling off a nice armbar on a heavier experienced opponent and David hitting a top wrist lock (Americana for you JJ folks) on a heavier more experienced sambist.
Both Gary and David won first place in their divisions…not heavily contested mind you but still a great showing for their first time out. If all goes well we will be going to the KY State Sombo, Greco Roman, Freestyle/Folkstyle Champion ships in mid April. I will also be compete this next time around…even if just in exhibition matches.
David goes for armbar

Session 2-10-13

David, Gary, Jason and I today…

3 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds savate sparring
2 rounds boxing
We are focusing on sambo for the next month or so but will continue to work out boxing and savate to keep things fresh. We have decided to try and make it to the Ohio Sombo Championships in Jamestown Ohio mid March, so lot’s of grappling for us in the coming weeks.
On with the jackets…sambo time!
2 rounds gripe work
review of last weeks back trip session followed by the front body drop throw for today. We also worked the back trip into the body drop throw adding an inside leg hook.
2 rounds sport sambo.
Finished up with some navaja work including some time spent on the faja or sash. We also worked a little Southern Italian “manfredonian’s knife “. Pretty interesting, mostly held in the ice pick grip (not a favorite of mine but for the sake of working on something different, it is interesting.) and moved in a figure 8 pattern, at least what I have of it so far.

Session 8-28-11

Matt and I today.

No session last week or even midweek. had a run in with a hornet and found out I am more allergic than I thought I was.

Matt had eye surgery a few weeks ago and finally got the ok to get punched in the head…
2 rounds shadow boxing
4 rounds boxing
1 round savate

On with the jackets for some sambo…
2 rounds grip work
2 rounds freestyle sambo
1 round par terre.

Sambo is fun but more than a little rough, often we are turned upside down during a throw or groundwork, stomach acid has no respect for the authority of gravity (what does that mean? I don’t know) we call it sambo reflux. Often heartburn follows a good training session. I also suffer from something I call sambo amnesia. I have the hardest time remembering how we get to the ground even if I am the guy doing the throwing. Often I have to ask my training partner what just happened. Strange but like I said, fun.

Out came the navaja trainers. After a quick refresher on some basics we spent some time throwing a viaje or three. A viaje is a low line thrust to the belly, there are several different methods for doing this. We focused on a fully committed attack sometimes with a standard grip, some times with a Mediterranean grip(edge up). We also worked our cambios (hand switches)and switched from a viaje to a desjarretazo or ripping attack. We ended with a review of technique using the faja or sash, the finale being a bout using the faja and navaja in conjunction.

We then went over some of Dempsey’s basics for power generation, this time we applied them to elbow strikes…brutal! We also hit the shovel hook, both to the head and to the body. My favorite punch. Last we applied Dempsey’s mechanics to holding and hitting, the shoulder whirl is a thing of beauty.

Good session, felt good to get to hitting people again.

So what is happening in your training sessions? I really want to steal some of what you do.

Our Sambo Adventure

Before I get into the meat of the post I will give a quick rundown of our session last Wednesday…
Chris, Matt and I.
2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds 3 count cadence drill
2 rounds feed and follow footwork
1 round freestyle footwork
Once again we worked on mechanics for the straight rear…this time we added the Jab first and followed with a lead hook. Really keeping Dempsey’s shoulder whirl on the mind and making sure our form was a perfect as we could.

Next up Sambo…
Since we had the Sambo tournie coming up on Saturday we wanted to do a nice light sambo workout.
4 rounds offbalance grip work
2 rounds sport sambo
We then went over some of the basic throws we were looking to land.

Roll on Saturday…
Doors opened at 9:30 AM in Chillicothe OH about 4 hours SW of us. I gave Chris the wrong time and he missed riding with us…totally my screw up.

Lots and lots of competitor in sparring and grappling so many that at 4 PM sambo was still a distant thought. Prior commitments made us have to leave at 4 so we missed sambo altogether but since they did not get started before 6 they ended up canceling the sambo competition. I felt less bad about messing up the time for Chris.

So we talked on the way home about how bummed we were that we did not get to compete. That was the only real con, on the pro side…we worked really hard for over a month on improving our sambo and it did indeed improve…so even though we did not get to compete, it was far form a total bust.

Session 8-7-11

Just Chris and I today…
2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds boxing
1 round savate, I now have a huge knot on my shin:)

We then worked on our mechanics for the straight rear, specifically our weak side. Sticking close to Dempsey’s shoulder whirl mechanics.

Next we threw our jackets on for some light sambo work. Worked mainly in throws from standing side position plus did a review of some of the takedowns we had been working on.

On Wednesday Matt came out and we did…
2 rounds grip work
3 rounds sport sambo rules

Just for fun we played with the sabers, going over some of the cossack material we had been exposed to in the last couple of years.

Session 7-10-11

My goal for this month was to solely focus on sambo for our upcoming Aug 13th event. Sunday’s session was all sambo, throws and groundwork.

On Tuesday Chris came out and wanted to do some boxing so with a slight twist of the arm, boxing it was followed by sambo.

Today Matt was out and brought his new Purple Heart Dussack…needless to say we had to play with them for a good hour or so. I really liked them. For bouting they hurt, but it is a reasonable hurt. We also boxed a few rounds since we realized a month off og boxing was going to mess up all the gains we have worked so hard to achieve. We ended todays session with sambo…it’s still mighty ugly but we are getting there:)