NEOHEMAS session 2-30-14

David, Jason and I today…

2 rounds shadow boxing
1 rounds focus gloves
3 rounds boxing
1 round savate
1 round partnered footwork
1 round freestyle footwork

We worked a short while on the four quadrant punching drill we did
few weeks back and got a short video to show just what I’m talking

We then completely switched gears and brought out the training spears
for a quick recap of our skills before doing a little bouting. Since
we were indoors with spears of roughly 6′ length our focus was on
Fiore’s plays. Had some real excellent success using the Mezza Porta
di Ferro (Middle Iron Door), so after the bouting we went over this

We ended the session with some work using the Regimental Highland
broadsword system as put forth by the Cateran society. Basic guards,
shifting the leg, compass attacks. Looking forward tot he nicer
weather so we can get outside with this.

NEOHEMAS session 9-8-13

Everyone canceled today so I grabbed my 10 year old daughter Sophia and took her next door to beat me up.

A while back I saw a Russian sambist who lives in Scotland named Vadim Kolganov was making clips of him teaching his young son sambo. A few weeks ago I started teaching my youngest daughter straight from these videos. She has really been enjoying them and they are nicely put together lessons so overall I am pretty happy. Yesterday was her 5th lesson. Here is a clip of the Vadim’s 5th lesson on youtube:
What is interesting to me is that she really has nothing to fall back on as far as martial technique or even preconceived notion of what she should be doing so she only has what I have shown her at her disposal and she really uses it.
10 year old girls can only get thrown by full grown men for a set amount of time before the headache sets in, so after a brief rest and dinner, we went back out and worked on Angelo’s Regimental broadsword work as set out by the Cateran Society…our focus this time was on inside guard and outside guard, online stance and offline stance.

Session 5-26-13

On Wednesday, David, Gary and I had a training session…
2 rounds shadow box
2 rounds sparring
I had a minor epiphany about a throw I had always had a hard time with so we we jumped right into sambo and worked on that for a while and also concentrated on going for the ankle lock.
On Sunday it was David, Gary and I once again.
2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds sparring
Then lots and lots of ground work including strikes on the ground. We drilled moving from position to positions, getting the armbar, going for the kneebar, if the kneebar fails, hitting the toehold, Great groundwork!
We ended the session with some singlestick/Regimental broadsword work. Some limited bouting to give these guys a taste of what was to come.


Session 9-18-11

Just me and a new guy, Mathew today…

His interest at this time is on the Irish material so whenever he comes we will be sure to adjust the training accordingly. He has a fencing background so he looked comfortable with a weapon in his hand and already knew how to make his body do what he wanted it to, which was nice. Much easier to train someone who already has a background like that.

We stuck with the basics, stance, grip, parries and blocks and basic strikes. We will get into the grappling and boxing in the Irish style after a few more sessions. If all goes as planned we are going to do an Irish only class every other Thursday night. So if the idea of smacking each other with shillelaghs appeals to you and you are int he area, come on out and join us

Session 4-10-11

No session last week, hence no report…this week Everyone canceled so I spent 10 rounds on boxing training then 2 rounds on e-tool. Sophia (age 8) then joined me for some singlestick followed by some grappling. There are not too many take downs that a 60 lb child can use on a grown man but we managed to make three of them work and I had her tossing me around pretty good by the end of a half hour.

On Wed Matt was out:
2 rounds shadow boxing
3 rounds boxing
2 rounds sambo
1 round combat sambo
We then broke out the longsword trainers and worked just the basics, stances and cuts.

On Thursday Dave J came out in the AM.
2 rounds shadow boxing
3 rounds boxing
We then went over the basics of working with the navaja

On Friday Chris was out.
2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds boxing
Out came the single sticks for some drills plus some work with the messer. We ended with a complex combination using the e-tool.

Session 1-9-11

Chris, Matt and I today…
It was not warm.
We warmed up with 2 rounds of shadow boxing.

We worked for about a half hour on striking with the main concept being controlling both distance and circling to the outside and what to do once you get there with your kicks and punches.

Next up weapons. Chris has not done a lot of weapon work with us so we started out with some basics to get him up to speed…first the Navaja!
First we went over our basic stance and why we stood that way…we followed up with a few basic attacks then some work on foists, jiro, contra jiro and my favorite recortes.

We ended the session with some work on singlestick. Since we are forced indoors by the weather and out ceiling is relatively low, we used 24″ rattan and worked on more of a cutlass length weapon. Our main focus was the hanging guard for this session, New for Chris and a nice review for Matt and I. We ended up with a few bouts using the 2′ singlesticks with baskets…very strange and not all the pleasant really but a good introduction.

Session 7-18-10

Justin, Matt and I today…

2 Rounds shadow boxing
3 Rounds sparring
1 Round focus gloves
1 Round heavy bag
2 Rounds partnered footwork drills
1 Round freestyle foot work

Next up, sambo…we threw on our jackets and did two rounds of grip/balance work. Justin reminded me just how good the technique called cradling works for controlling your opponent.

We then worked a series of three throws to the lapel grab side. Normally if an arm is grabbed you want to throw in that direction since it is harder for them to post or catch themselves if you already have the arm…this time we went against this rule and threw to the side where you did not have an arm grip.
You can see the series of throws here:

We also worked on defending the standing guillotine.

Jackets off…knifes picked up! Inspired by James Loriega’s blog
we each grabbed a CS rubber knife and worked from extreme close quarters. We started our live knife fencing from an “in the grips position”. Luckily we are all right handed so easier to explain. Opponents grab the wrists of the knife hands. So we basically started out chest to chest. Very eye opening! Very messy but brutal.

We finished out the session working with the e-tool against it’s natural enemy…the bayonet.
Using some recently dredged old Soviet material, we went through and did some basic work against the thrust then we worked knife and e-tool against the thrust and lastly we worked two variations of throwing the e-tool and attacking with the knife against the bayonet.

Screen capture of a clip with Russian WWII vet teaching e-tool vs bayonet.

Last Tuesday I worked out with Gov…lot’s of boxing, padwork and footwork. We then pulled out the mountain axes and did a little bouting with them. he also got his first taste of singlestick bouting. These two young fighters that train with me are going to be monters at singlestick or whatever weapon they choose, once they get the theory down. Their level of athleticism is way higher than most people have come across.