Recreational Violence X AAR

Rec Vio 10 is in the books…quick run down:

Fist hip and shillelagh- Taught by me, a class combining stick, boxing and wrestling in the Irish tradition.
Broadsword and targe- taught by Chris Thompson, great class on targe(we ended up using bucklers) in conjunction with the Broadsword.
Agrippa- Taught by Randal Gustitis, really interesting class that got cut short once the lightning started. We went back to my house and finished up the class using bowie knives due to lack of space.
Bowie knife-  taught by Kirk Lawson. After the rain died down we ran through this class that was a surprise to Kirk:) But he did a great job.
WWI Bayonet- taught by Kirk Lawson, great fun class with nice rifle bayonet trainers alongside the real thing. Simple and easy to understand. just my sort of class.
Sparth Axe- Taught by Ken Pfrenger and Chris Thompson. Chris handled the history while I demoed the use of the big axe going through the 10 lessons as set forth by the Cateran Society.
CQC knife entries- Taught by Tim Anderson. Fun class with little int he way of actual technique instruction…we all have our own way of doing things, what he gave us were suggestions and ways to train. Nice stuff.
MacGregor’s bayonet and some combatives concepts-  Taught by Chris Thompson, quick run through MacGregor’s bayonet then some work on combatives for an upcoming project.
Zachary Wylde’s staff- taught by Randal Gustitis, simple but interesting system of staff play from 1711.
Numbers way down this year. We may change location and take this on the road to Dayton next year. Or still hold it here and do a second event in Dayton in the fall. Still in the works.
s always the social aspect of events like this were very important, seeing old friends, making new ones and sharing food drink and martial arts make this sort of thing the highlight of my year.
I want to thank all that were able to make it out to teach and learn and thank those who tired to make it but came up a bit short.There is always next year or the year after that.


David, Jo, Jason, and I today…

2 rounds shadowboxing
2 rounds boxing
1 round savate
2 rounds focus gloves

We then worked on displacement before throwing the fouette in savate…one two straight punch combo followed by displacement fouette or displacement fouette, chasse or just displacement chasse.

Next out came the navaja trainers. We worked on a simple counter cut defense to a straight thrust and also defesne against having your knife hand grabbed.

We finished hte session with David working with Jo on some boxing and Jason and I doing some tomahawk (David also joined in here). Basic cutting pattern,g rips and a whole lot of talk and work about binding, getting stuck and what to do about it.

On Saturday Matt and I worked on some tomahawk (will this be the summer of the hawk?) Shillelagh in the style of Footpad and the Cane as well as three takedowns to go along with pugilism,


NEOHEMAS 3-2-14 Training Session

I was supposed to attend Nord Schlag in Edmonton Alberta this past weekend but unfortunately once I got to Chicago I discovered that they canceled my flight to Edmonton and I could not get there until Sunday afternoon…when the even was just about over. After a two hour wait in line with hundreds of angry passengers, I was able to squeeze in on a stand by for a flight back home.

I slept much of Saturday away after being up all night. With the impending bad weather here in Ohio, I decided to just not tell my guys here that I would be home for our regular session.
Luckily Chris forgot I was not going to be here and came out anyway…good thing because I really wanted to do some training after a day of total rest.
2 rounds shadow boxing
3 rounds focus gloves
2 rounds boxing
We then did some work on attitude and closing lines while leaving some open. We then went over the half-round blow from RAF fisticuffs…and interesting two punch combination that is better seen than imagined. I will try to get a video clip of that soon.
We ended our session shillelagh in hand…we went over the entire Foot Pad and Cane style as well as Percy Longhursts advice for fighting with a blackthorn. Footpad and the Cane is rather sparse, I like it a great deal but adding the Longhurst material makes it a little more complete.

Busy weekend….

Saturday had a new guy named Matt start what will probably be a bi-monthly session on boxing and shillelagh. We worked some basic body mechanic a theory for BKB then switched gears for an overview of Irish stick settling on foot pad and cane as a starting point. Matt is a big guy, once he gets the body mechanics down for power generation he is going to hit like a freight train.
Sunday, Chris, Jason, Gary and Gary’s cousin (I a bad with names)
2 rounds shadow boxing
some work on shifting and changing stance and most important, why we absolutely have to do it if we want to be the best fighter we can be.
We then worked the displacement step from savate…a jab>straight rear>step out>fouette median or bas. Stressing the importance of the step being rather long to defend against the takedown and counter strikes.
Our grappling this week consisted of this no jacket sambo throw:
We ended the session with the navaja. We did a review of everything we have ever covered and I am happy to say that a whole lot of it has stuck! Now we just have to get good at it.
Next week Savate and Russian Fisticuffs at Nord Schlag in Alberta Ca.. Really looking forward to this!

Session 5-5-13

We had a session on Wed…David, Gary, Jason and I:
shadow boxing
rounds of boxing and savate plus an introduction to knees. We ended the Wed session with a reintro into Footpad and Cane style shillelagh work.

On Sunday, Chris, Gary, Jason and I:
2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds boxing
1 round savate
Chris then took us through some nice work clinching and against the wall.
We then went through the 9 offensive stick actions with the shillelagh from Footpad and the Cane.

We ended the session with some work using the sparth axe…basic wards and a few defenses from common attacks. Sparth axe is a summer weapon since it is so large, nice to get swinging it again…I am reminded why Galloglass we all big guys.


Session 9-9-12

Super late with report but I figured I would get it done before writing the one for tomorrow.

Just Chris and I on Sunday. He has an MMA fight coming up on the 22nd so lots of work to get done. There was plenty of of video of his opponent online so we went over what we saw and decided that the guy who he was fighting was definitely game but lacking in some crucial areas, most glaring was his boxing. Definitely tough and a guy who comes to fight but a little on the raw and wild side.
So what we did was work on standing sparring…1st 2 rounds of shadow boxing then 2 rounds of focus mitt work. Then 10 rounds of light sparring working through things rather than trying to just band through the round. Also my nose is still broke and getting drilled in the face is not up there on my list of things to do right now, not too mention, this is a bad time for Chris to get a cut. Just best to take it easy and work on the mental game rather than the physical at such a time as this.
After the sparring we talked more about what we did and made some simple game plans to follow.
We finished the session with some test bash…bought a bunch of coconuts at a auction last Monday, more than we could possibly use and some seemed a bit old. We found a simple stand to use and bashed the coconuts with: e-tool, mace and Cold Steel poly shillelagh. I had always heard that a coconut was about as tough as a human skull, don’t know if that is true or not but we had a jolly good time smashing in pretend skulls. All thee weapons did great as skull smashers. Will definitely do this again.
Looking forward to tomorrow’s session, gonna work on more boxing and burning a few ideas into the head.

Session 7-29-12

Once again, late as can be…
No regulars this week. Instead I gave an introduction lesson to a young wrestler and his father.
He has possible mma aspirations…not a lick of striking experience though so I got him moving with footwork and three basic punches: straight lead, straight rear and rounding blow with inverted fist. He picked these up rather well and by the end of the lesson was already get a little umph behind his punches. We touched a bit on defense as well, letting him parry my straight lead while working the focus mitts. His older brother should be coming out with him this coming Sunday.
I also got to film a short clip on an aspect of Footpad and Cane style Irish stick that I had taught at Combat Con:
Also getting ready for Recreational Violence VII on August 11-12.
What have you all been up to?

Session 7-22-12

Chris, Matt and I today…

We started out today’s session in the back yard, throwing javelins and tomahawks…just for the hell of it.

Then back inside for 2 rounds of shadow boxing
1 rounds boxing
1 round savate
1 round fighting to the clinch…we start at distance with the goal of entering to the clinch.Matt too a real solid hook behind the ear at the very end of the last round and he dropped like a drunken….well you get the picture.

We went over a few strategies and principles for entering for the next twenty minutes.

We touched on a bit of knife work before heading into some baton. Since Chris is now a LEO, baton has become a staple when he comes out. We worked mainly from the reverse grip used in the Soviet baton manual…defenses and grapples were the order of the day.









We ended our session with some Irish stick…both Footpad and Cane style and our reconstructed style.

Session 6-17-12

Just Chris and I this week.
2 rounds of shadow boxing
1 round focus mitts
About 15 minutes working a nice elbow to hammerfist combo.
4 rounds of boxing
1 round savate
2 rounds partnered footwork
This was some real hard sparring, hardest I have done in quite some time. Definitely can feel it today but not as bad as I thought I would. Lots of clinch and in-close dirty fighting going on. We both made good use of the elbow to hammerfist combo that we had worked on earlier. I survived on through treachery. I swear over 24 hours later and I am still a bit adrenalin pumped.
I was pretty wiped out after the hard sparring but I wanted to go over a few fine points on the inside trip and back trip from sambo so we hit those for about 20 minutes or so and did a little work from side control.
We ended the session with a short review of the blocking methods in the Footpad and Cane style of Irish stick.

Session 6-3-12

Chris, Dave and I…
2 rounds shadow boxing
4 rounds boxing
We then broke out the focus pads and worked through some of the Russian fisticuff drills including a few methods for clearing the way for strikes and working against multiple opponents.
Out came the shillelaghs for 2 bouts each. Chris fought both, Footpad and Cane style, Dave used our shillelagh method and I went one Footpad and cane and then grabbed a mountain axe for my last bout. Axe vs. stick is a pretty unfair fight…but I didn’t really to say that.
We ended the session going over the Russian police baton manual once again. For the most part it is all functional and well thought out but there are a few things that seem to make little sense to me like trying to scoop up a kick to the groin with the baton when you could just bat it down. Despite the few strange parts I do think it is a good basic system for using the short baton. The section where the baton is held in more of an icepick grip and laid along the forearm is very close to some of the things we were already doing in our Footpad and Cane work.