NEOHEMAS 6-29-14 Session

David, Gary, Jason and I today…

4 rounds shadow boxing
1 round focus gloves
2 rounds boxing sparring
1 round freestyle footwork
We then spent a little time working on unmatched stances circling to the outside and ended our boxing session with the following combo, lead Mexican uppercut, rear Mexican uppercut finishing with a lead hook to the body.
Our sambo trained was all par terre (ground work) today. Some free rolling and counters to chokes as well and some positional work ending with a step over ankle lock from inside the guard.
I have been taking a martial break since Combat Con, felt real nice to jump back into it. Going to try and get David and Gary ready for Sombo Joe Nationals in August, not sure if we have the time to do it but will be trying.

Busy weekend….

Saturday had a new guy named Matt start what will probably be a bi-monthly session on boxing and shillelagh. We worked some basic body mechanic a theory for BKB then switched gears for an overview of Irish stick settling on foot pad and cane as a starting point. Matt is a big guy, once he gets the body mechanics down for power generation he is going to hit like a freight train.
Sunday, Chris, Jason, Gary and Gary’s cousin (I a bad with names)
2 rounds shadow boxing
some work on shifting and changing stance and most important, why we absolutely have to do it if we want to be the best fighter we can be.
We then worked the displacement step from savate…a jab>straight rear>step out>fouette median or bas. Stressing the importance of the step being rather long to defend against the takedown and counter strikes.
Our grappling this week consisted of this no jacket sambo throw:
We ended the session with the navaja. We did a review of everything we have ever covered and I am happy to say that a whole lot of it has stuck! Now we just have to get good at it.
Next week Savate and Russian Fisticuffs at Nord Schlag in Alberta Ca.. Really looking forward to this!

NEOHEMAS Session 1-12-14

Been very bad about getting my reports out. Last Sunday Just Chris and I again. Good session mainly working on mechanics and polishing what he already knows as well as a nice three count combo from Russian fisticuffs. Still working on getting his striking ready for his fight in Feb.

On Thursday, Gary, Jason and I had a frigid training session. We worked focus mitts, cadence drills and did some grappling before the cold got to us.
On this past Sunday, Gary, David, Jason and I travel south to Akron where I taught a 2 1/2 hour clinic on sambo. I am far from an expert but know enough to give a decent intro clinic which is what I did. My old grappling friend David Doyle invited me down to work with some of the locals.
We started with some nice Russian ROM exercises then an explanation of our grip drill and showed some things to work on. We went through half a dozen or so takedowns and submissions.. Git to see and old friend and meet some people. Hopefully they had as much fun as I had.
David goes for armbar

NEOHEMAS 11-24-13 Session

Chris, Gary, Jason and I today. Jason still injured so he only took part in a small amount on training but kept time for our rounds and generally helped out. Brutally cold in our training area today but we have come to expect that we either broil or freeze.

2 rounds shadow boxing (Chris absolutely drilled me in the jaw after sidestep…why do I do this?)
2 rounds boxing
We then worked a punch knee combo from combat sambo and elbow knee combo from Savate defense. We ended out striking training with an interesting savate defense kicking combo while on the ground against the legs of a standing aggressor.
Onto sambo…no kurtka today but we did use our belts. Two takedowns, the first a run through black leg trip after a pull to the “wrong” side. The second a ski lift type of throw off a belt grab.
We ended our session with the navaja…Sevellian star, figure eight movements, matador’s thrust and floretazo were the focus for todays session.

NEOHEMAS session 9-8-13

Everyone canceled today so I grabbed my 10 year old daughter Sophia and took her next door to beat me up.

A while back I saw a Russian sambist who lives in Scotland named Vadim Kolganov was making clips of him teaching his young son sambo. A few weeks ago I started teaching my youngest daughter straight from these videos. She has really been enjoying them and they are nicely put together lessons so overall I am pretty happy. Yesterday was her 5th lesson. Here is a clip of the Vadim’s 5th lesson on youtube:
What is interesting to me is that she really has nothing to fall back on as far as martial technique or even preconceived notion of what she should be doing so she only has what I have shown her at her disposal and she really uses it.
10 year old girls can only get thrown by full grown men for a set amount of time before the headache sets in, so after a brief rest and dinner, we went back out and worked on Angelo’s Regimental broadsword work as set out by the Cateran Society…our focus this time was on inside guard and outside guard, online stance and offline stance.

NEOHEMAS Session 8-11-13

On Friday, Gary and i got together for a solid 2 hours of working on sambo and sparring from the Sombo Joe Nationals coming up on the 17th of this month. We worked real heavy on foot sweeps, posts and trips. A good deal of talk and work on game plans and tactics. My daughter Sophia joined us for some beginning sambo as well.

On Sunday Chris, Gary, Jason and I…first hour was Chris and I working mitts and cadence drills along with some energy drills. Not really an eastern martial arts energy drills, more reaction to action type of things.
Gary and Jason showed up for the last hour and we hit the sambo real hard, once again working on trips and plenty of groundwork. Poor Gary got twisted up pretty good but he has made so much progress since he started. it is no walk in the park once you get him on the ground. He is a scrambling machine but he is out weighed by both Chris and I by a good 30-40 lbs. He is going to do great against guys his own size this coming weekend.
Once this weekend is over we wills tart weapon training again as part of our normal routine. Nice to have such a strong focus now and then but I miss doing some things as a result.
photo (3)

Training Session 6-30-13

Chris, Gary, Jason and I today…

2 rounds shadow boxing
Broke out the focus mitts for some work on Russian style fisticuffs. Lead hook followed by a lead back handed blow (backfist or hammer, I prefer hammer) followed by a rear hook. Very fast three punch combo. Nothing new for us but found a nice way to feed it with the mitts so a nice addition. You can see clips of this on our Facebook page:
On with the jackets for some sambo…
Our throw for today…the sambo floating throw. A lot like Osoto gari or an outside sweep but a little more aggressive and higher percentage imo but we will see how it works out in the future.
Chris then took us through an armbar set up and a few chokes. I played choke dummy for this portion and to be honest my throat feels pretty wretched today…adams apple is sore and swollen but hey, I knew what I was getting myself into:)
We ended the session with Gary and Chris rolling live.
As usual I wanted to do some weapon work but ran out of time. I need to squeeze some in next week for sure.

Session 3-24-13

Chris, David, Gary, Jason,. Rachael
and I today…
2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds focus gloves
Some work on Russian style fisticuffs, combination punches, flowing form one side to the other.
2 rounds boxing
1 round each on Fred the Head…basically a padded head on a stick.
We then worked on a side step, body shot combo, from one punch to four punches and elbow finishing with a kick….
Next up, sambo! We threw on the jackets for some light work, going over some missed opportunities from our Ohio Championship matches. We worked on the pancake throw as well as a simple drag down into an armbar. Also both the bicep crush and the calf crush since Gary found himself in the calf crush situation at the Championships.
We ended with just a bit of discussion and work on basic knife throwing, no spin.

2013 Ohio State Sombo Championships AAR

Early Saturday morning David, Gary, Jason and I headed down to Jamestown Ohio for 2013 Ohio State Sombo Championships.
My plan was to compete but upon arriving there was a serious lack of old dues so I decided not to do take part, they offered me an exhibition bout but I really did not understand what that meant fully…I now wish I would have done that but at least now I know what that entails.
Both Gary and David took part. The turnout was not all that great so there was not a lot of competition but they did get a decent amount of mat time. Both won and lost and learned a great deal. Each managed to win by submission with Gary pulling off a nice armbar on a heavier experienced opponent and David hitting a top wrist lock (Americana for you JJ folks) on a heavier more experienced sambist.
Both Gary and David won first place in their divisions…not heavily contested mind you but still a great showing for their first time out. If all goes well we will be going to the KY State Sombo, Greco Roman, Freestyle/Folkstyle Champion ships in mid April. I will also be compete this next time around…even if just in exhibition matches.
David goes for armbar

Session 2-24-13

Chris, Gary, David, Jason and I today…
Chris had an injured arm so we worked around that for quite a bit today. He is going to be down for a while healing os we will do our best to make sure we hit lots of footwork, knife and some stick so he can take part.
2 rounds of shadow boxing
2 rounds focus gloves
We then did some work throwing the lead hook with a diagonal step…very aggressive in gaining distance.
Some work on savate combinations and feints with kicks.
3 rounds partnered footwork.
On with the kurtki…
some basic grip breaks followed by two short rounds of grip and balance work
4 rounds of coached sport sambo. Chris may not be able to grapple right now but he really helped coach us through these bouts. Saw some really good stuff starting to shine through with these guys. Wrestling background is really shining through. Both Gary and David made it to Sectionals and their wrestling season officially ended yesterday.
We finished the day with a very neglected aspect of our training here…shillelagh. We ¬†on the Footpad and Cane method focusing on two head strikes and defense plus the uppercut with the heavy end.
I am feeling a bit run over by a bus right now…grappling can do that to you if you go too long between bouts or maybe it is just that I am 47 grappling with teenagers:) Either way I am in need of a massage and maybe some vodka.
I have been taking it easy due to a flare up of tendinitis but trusty o9l’ DMSO is working wonders and I am fully feeling like using my arm again after a month or so of babying it.