Session 8-7-11

Just Chris and I today…
2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds boxing
1 round savate, I now have a huge knot on my shin:)

We then worked on our mechanics for the straight rear, specifically our weak side. Sticking close to Dempsey’s shoulder whirl mechanics.

Next we threw our jackets on for some light sambo work. Worked mainly in throws from standing side position plus did a review of some of the takedowns we had been working on.

On Wednesday Matt came out and we did…
2 rounds grip work
3 rounds sport sambo rules

Just for fun we played with the sabers, going over some of the cossack material we had been exposed to in the last couple of years.


Session 6-5-11

Just Matt and I today…

2 rounds shadow boxing
5 rounds boxing…really cranked up the intensity here. Not quite hitting with hate but with more than a good bit of intent.

3 rounds grip work and off balancing with a focus on breaking the grips.
2 double rounds of sambo…some great improvements shown this week. Things are clicking better than ever.

We have commited to compete int he Sambo Summer Nationals in Chillicothe, OH Aug 13th, so we will be hitting the sambo very hard for the next couple of months.

After such a hard session we cut out on time. Getting ready for Recreational Violence VII next weekend!

Session 3-20-11

Chris, Matt and I today…

2 rounds shadow boxing
4 rounds three count cadence drill
2 rounds partnered footwork drill
1 round freestyle footwork

We then spent some time working on a few old boxing gems…the Miske Twist and the Mike Donovan combo.

On with the kurtka…

We started our sambo session with two rounds of grip work followed by some work on:
Podvhat the Russian uchi mata
Ski lift throw
Failed ski lift into melnitsa(firemans) finishing with a hip lock

We then worked a for a short while on the figure eight movements prevalent in Russian weapon work using the club and the e-tool as examples into empty hands.

We ended the session with some savate versus knife, plying our various kicks against a knife wielding assailant.

The Miske Twist

Session 2-13-11

Only Justin and I today…

Short session today.

We started out the session working on some interesting old Russian stick exercises and then applying them to the mountain axe.

Last week I bought a number of table runners to use as sashes or faja…so we worked quite a bit on our technique using the navaja and faja together. We used two methods, first the faja n the off hand and then the faja stretched between the hands with the navaja in the right hand. We did some bouting both with and without the sash.

Next up we worked on the recortes as a counter to both a straight thrust and a jiro. Once the recortes was finished we were throwing a rear leg fouette at the opponents midsection. Fun mixing savate and navaja play:)

We finished the session with some drills developed around the madeja ( skein of yarn, figure-8 ) A thrust comes in and the counter is made in the madeja pattern and a series of cuts follow all along the same pattern as the defender moves either to the outside or the inside of the attackers blade.

So a short session, about an hour and a half, but we got some good navaja work in.

New e-tool clip

It was too cold for a training session today but I did manage to get outside and film a short flourish with the e-tool.

Session 10-10-10

Just Matt and I today…

2 rounds of shadow boxing
4 rounds of boxing sparring
2 rounds focus mitts
Review of last weeks material…fighting in the clinch. Head butts, making space for uppercuts, forearm strike (like football blocks) to create space for uppercut, knee bumps, shoulder strikes. Very dirty boxing:) Boxing our way out of a Thai plumb clinch.

We threw our kurtki on and did some striking while being grabbed. One person grabs the jackets and jerk you around while you throw shots at their head and body around, in between and under their arms. Great work but rough!

We kept our jackets on and went right into sambo…topic for the day was inside leg reap and scarf hold. We first reviewed the back trip material and the front body drop throw then right into the inside leg reap and scarf hold. Things went very well until one take down by Matt on me ended up missing the mats. I hit the hardwood floor left hip first with Matt’s weight on top driving me even harder into the floor. I missed landing on a kettlebell by about three inches. I suspect I avoided at least a fractured hip something or other there:)

We went on a little longer but my hip was in a sad way but still got over two hours of training in. I had planned on getting a few things down on video…some of the sparth axe material we had been working on and some of the mountain axe but without a third person to play camera man it will have to wait until next week.

Session 5-23-10

Lots to report on this week…

Last Monday I had Chris and Guv out and we worked on some Russian style striking and tons of footwork followed by about a half hour of mountain axe work…just the basics, angles of attack, stances and such.

Thursday Chris and Guv again. This time we spent much of our time working on the uppercut and going through some variations plus lots of footwork. We ended with an introduction to singlestick using the Regimental Broadsword method.

Over the weekend Randal Gustitis was out and on Saturday he and I worked through some various things including broadsword and sabre using several manuals to pull from, Russian Buza a traditional method of fisticuffs and dance…really very interesting.

Sunday, Chris, Guv, Matt and Justin joined Randal and I for our main weekly session….

I turned it over to Randal as a guest instructor. First we went over the dagger section from Meyer in great detail. We spent about 3 hours on this. Then it was time for some Buza and Randal repeated the private lesson he gave me on Saturday, which is great at least for me as far as retention goes. He will be running the same classes again at the RV weekend less than a month away.

For a closer look at Buza go here: