NEOHEMAS 3-2-14 Training Session

I was supposed to attend Nord Schlag in Edmonton Alberta this past weekend but unfortunately once I got to Chicago I discovered that they canceled my flight to Edmonton and I could not get there until Sunday afternoon…when the even was just about over. After a two hour wait in line with hundreds of angry passengers, I was able to squeeze in on a stand by for a flight back home.

I slept much of Saturday away after being up all night. With the impending bad weather here in Ohio, I decided to just not tell my guys here that I would be home for our regular session.
Luckily Chris forgot I was not going to be here and came out anyway…good thing because I really wanted to do some training after a day of total rest.
2 rounds shadow boxing
3 rounds focus gloves
2 rounds boxing
We then did some work on attitude and closing lines while leaving some open. We then went over the half-round blow from RAF fisticuffs…and interesting two punch combination that is better seen than imagined. I will try to get a video clip of that soon.
We ended our session shillelagh in hand…we went over the entire Foot Pad and Cane style as well as Percy Longhursts advice for fighting with a blackthorn. Footpad and the Cane is rather sparse, I like it a great deal but adding the Longhurst material makes it a little more complete.

NEOHEMAS Session 1-12-14

Been very bad about getting my reports out. Last Sunday Just Chris and I again. Good session mainly working on mechanics and polishing what he already knows as well as a nice three count combo from Russian fisticuffs. Still working on getting his striking ready for his fight in Feb.

On Thursday, Gary, Jason and I had a frigid training session. We worked focus mitts, cadence drills and did some grappling before the cold got to us.
On this past Sunday, Gary, David, Jason and I travel south to Akron where I taught a 2 1/2 hour clinic on sambo. I am far from an expert but know enough to give a decent intro clinic which is what I did. My old grappling friend David Doyle invited me down to work with some of the locals.
We started with some nice Russian ROM exercises then an explanation of our grip drill and showed some things to work on. We went through half a dozen or so takedowns and submissions.. Git to see and old friend and meet some people. Hopefully they had as much fun as I had.
David goes for armbar

NEOHEMAS 11-10-13 Session

Just Chris and I today…

2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds focus glove
2 rounds boxing
1 round savate
2 rounds partnered footwork
Chris landed a few nice straight rear hands to the body today. The way he was throwing them was deceptive so we cultivated that for a while. A strong shoulderwhirl for power generation made it look like the straight ear was coming high when it was indeed to the body. I look forwar dot hearing how this works out in his sparring away from our group.
We also worked on what I consider to be his best combo on the pads…straight lead, rear then lead uppercut. This lead to a one two shovel hook to the body and some work on Fitzsimmons shift..
As always out study depends on who shows up to a particular session. At times we cover probably too much ground in a training session but since it was just Chris and his main interest is in improving his striking game it was nice to have such a narrow focus. It is a nice thing to have a few more people show up though…I am sucking wind between each round and it is nice to have some one else to take over ofr the next round of sparring but I guess this will keep me somewhat young.

Training Session 6-30-13

Chris, Gary, Jason and I today…

2 rounds shadow boxing
Broke out the focus mitts for some work on Russian style fisticuffs. Lead hook followed by a lead back handed blow (backfist or hammer, I prefer hammer) followed by a rear hook. Very fast three punch combo. Nothing new for us but found a nice way to feed it with the mitts so a nice addition. You can see clips of this on our Facebook page:
On with the jackets for some sambo…
Our throw for today…the sambo floating throw. A lot like Osoto gari or an outside sweep but a little more aggressive and higher percentage imo but we will see how it works out in the future.
Chris then took us through an armbar set up and a few chokes. I played choke dummy for this portion and to be honest my throat feels pretty wretched today…adams apple is sore and swollen but hey, I knew what I was getting myself into:)
We ended the session with Gary and Chris rolling live.
As usual I wanted to do some weapon work but ran out of time. I need to squeeze some in next week for sure.

Session 10-7-12

Chris, Dave, Improper Dave, Matt and I today…
2 rounds shadow boxing
1 round each focus gloves
1 round free for all, everyone vs everyone boxing
1 round limited sparring, straight lead hand only…last week Chris and I worked on his straight lead JOLT ala Dempsey, he landed it on me from distance and sent me reeling, the wall saved me from a solid planting of my butt on the mat. I few seconds later, still reeling from the jolt(Probably the hardest punch I have ever been hit with) I got hit with another stiff lead that re-broke my freshly healed nose. Comes with the territory. Soon it will just be mush.


Onto sambo…no jackets today, instead we jumped right into take down into an ankle lock. This video:was the inspiration even if we did a different variation on the entry, the idea was basically the same. We ended the grappling with and inside leg hook takedown, pass into side control just as soon as the opponent met the ground.

We ended the session almost on time after a brief discussion and demo of some of the slungshot work Kirk showed us at Rec Violence VIII.

I am used to having fewer people around so it was pretty interesting to see how much less we actually got accomplished with just a few extra bodies. Still a very good workout, just different. I may have to fix up the loft in the barn for the sake of having enough room because 5 people was pushing the limit on my little training room.

Session 8-26-12

Just Chris and I today…
2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds focus mitts
2 rounds boxing…1st round went smoothly, by the end of the second round I was sucking wind and got hit way to many times in the head for my liking. My nose was broken for the millionth time, not bad but pretty sore and wiggly, a bit more crooked than it was before. I can now see it continually in the line of vision of my right eye:) A second after the shot to the sniffer, my right eye got blasted. The ring timer had mercy on me a few seconds later.
Feeling a bit roughed up we started working some material for knees and elbows. Some Thai for the knees mostly but the elbows were a combination of Thai and Russian style fisticuffs with a little bit of Dempsey mechanics to mix it up completely. We also went over some of the concepts from last weeks session.
Out came the navaja’s for a quick review and some footwork, both jiro and contra jiro and well as some work on the concepts of corridas. We also hit on the idea of the recortes. We finished with some of the footwork drills borrowed from Garrote Larense. A very footwork inspired knife session.
We ended the session with messer. We finially had a chance ot go over the messer from Rec Violence 8 and to work on a few basics.

Session 7-22-12

Chris, Matt and I today…

We started out today’s session in the back yard, throwing javelins and tomahawks…just for the hell of it.

Then back inside for 2 rounds of shadow boxing
1 rounds boxing
1 round savate
1 round fighting to the clinch…we start at distance with the goal of entering to the clinch.Matt too a real solid hook behind the ear at the very end of the last round and he dropped like a drunken….well you get the picture.

We went over a few strategies and principles for entering for the next twenty minutes.

We touched on a bit of knife work before heading into some baton. Since Chris is now a LEO, baton has become a staple when he comes out. We worked mainly from the reverse grip used in the Soviet baton manual…defenses and grapples were the order of the day.









We ended our session with some Irish stick…both Footpad and Cane style and our reconstructed style.