Session 11-13

Chris, Matt and I today…
2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds three count cadence drill
1 round heavy bag
2 rounds boxing

We then went over the Fitzsimmons shift. We have done it before but it has been a while and I realized that this was something new to Chris so it seemed like a good subject for the day. We also worked in Biddle’s Killing shift and a few variations of our own on the concept. Once we had this ingrained a bit we geared up again and each boxed two more rounds with an emphasis on landing the shift.

Next up shillelagh working through the Footpad and the Cane article:
We had a good bit of fun working with this short text. It is short but has a good deal of useful and interesting material.

We ended the session working through some basic attack and defense with the shillelagh followed up with two bout each shillelagh vs shillelagh. Always the most violent of all.


Session 10-16-11

Had a new guy out this week. His name was Matt and strangely he is the fourth Matt we have had out to train with us. A popular name for sure but we have had a disproportionate number of them.

So today, Matt, Matt and I…

I am getting over a week long bout of the flu so was a little weak and wheezy, luckily Matt1 was there to help show some basics to the new guy. We went over basic attitude and footwork, progressing to straight lead and straight rear punches vertical fist. NewMatt is a pretty big guy so when he had his rhythm and timing down for the punches they were solid. In a few weeks he should be hitting like a truck.

After about an hour working on the basics we had him join into our regular striking routine.

2 rounds footwork
1 round heavy bag
2 rounds feed and follow drill, just straight lead while moving around in footwork
Matt1 and I then sparred 1 round boxing and 1 round savate showing how hard we usually go and what equipment we use.

We then demoed some weapon work for him so he could see some of the things we work on besides boxing (which was his main interest)

We ended the session with just a few minutes of matwork.

Session 9-18-11

Just me and a new guy, Mathew today…

His interest at this time is on the Irish material so whenever he comes we will be sure to adjust the training accordingly. He has a fencing background so he looked comfortable with a weapon in his hand and already knew how to make his body do what he wanted it to, which was nice. Much easier to train someone who already has a background like that.

We stuck with the basics, stance, grip, parries and blocks and basic strikes. We will get into the grappling and boxing in the Irish style after a few more sessions. If all goes as planned we are going to do an Irish only class every other Thursday night. So if the idea of smacking each other with shillelaghs appeals to you and you are int he area, come on out and join us

Session 6-19

Chris, Justin, Matt and I today…

After spending last weekend doing lots of things I don’t normally work on, it was really nice to settle back into doing things I am good at:)

3 rounds shadow boxing
3 rounds boxing close quarters
3 rounds kick sparring

We had two pairs boxing in a small room, this makes for some interesting fights, just no room to move around resulting in a whole lot more action. Unpleasant but a good way to spar sometimes.

We then worked on some grappling and creating distance to strike while in the clinch.

We ended the session with some knife work using Renaud’s manual…mainly knife retention was our focus this time around.

Afterward we drank mead and visited the livestock…good session, next week, Combat Con!

Session 5-29-11

Just Matt and I today…

2 rounds shadow boxing
3 rounds boxing
1 round savate
On with our jackets for sambo…we focused mainly on breaking grips on the lapels and on the sleeves. From the broken grips we went for several different throws, more whatever happened to turn up than a planned set of techniques. We also threw in some Close-Hugg moves while we were already working on grappling.

We ended our session with a long bout of combat sambo…I bent one of my finger nails back halfway through the round. We finished up but it was bleeding pretty bad and felt pretty special so we called it a day. Still a very intense a good session.

On Friday Chris came out and we spent about an hour on boxing and savate, sparring with pretty good intensity…we also worked on some savate kicking strategies and combinations.

Last Wed Matt was out for Sambo and boxing with some combat sambo thrown in…we then worked on more navaja from the Med. grip and did some bouting as well. Most of the attacks were ripping cuts, those that were not were close to a boxing jab…great blade session.


Session 4-17-11

Chris, Justin, Matt and I today…

2 rounds shadow boxing
3 rounds boxing (limited space boxing, since we had two pairs sparring at the same time we really had to limit the space, this made for complete rounds of close range, no let up at all…pretty nice really)
3 rounds cadence drills
3 rounds paired footwork

We went on to work some par terre…Chris took us through a front choke and an armlock. I followed with a mount escape to a leg lock then a single leg takedown.

We finished out grappling session working with Parkyns…defense against a head butt, to the pinion of gripes then a throw.

It was a terribly windy day here in Ohio with gusts up to 50 mph but towards the end of our session in died down some. We took advantage of this and did our first outdoor training of the year. We worked the two and three man drills I learned from Luis Preto at Fechtschule America 2011 in JdP. The three man drill is fun but dizzying. We also went over some of the basics since Chris has only done a little of this with us.

Session 4-10-11

No session last week, hence no report…this week Everyone canceled so I spent 10 rounds on boxing training then 2 rounds on e-tool. Sophia (age 8) then joined me for some singlestick followed by some grappling. There are not too many take downs that a 60 lb child can use on a grown man but we managed to make three of them work and I had her tossing me around pretty good by the end of a half hour.

On Wed Matt was out:
2 rounds shadow boxing
3 rounds boxing
2 rounds sambo
1 round combat sambo
We then broke out the longsword trainers and worked just the basics, stances and cuts.

On Thursday Dave J came out in the AM.
2 rounds shadow boxing
3 rounds boxing
We then went over the basics of working with the navaja

On Friday Chris was out.
2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds boxing
Out came the single sticks for some drills plus some work with the messer. We ended with a complex combination using the e-tool.