Session 9-9-12

Super late with report but I figured I would get it done before writing the one for tomorrow.

Just Chris and I on Sunday. He has an MMA fight coming up on the 22nd so lots of work to get done. There was plenty of of video of his opponent online so we went over what we saw and decided that the guy who he was fighting was definitely game but lacking in some crucial areas, most glaring was his boxing. Definitely tough and a guy who comes to fight but a little on the raw and wild side.
So what we did was work on standing sparring…1st 2 rounds of shadow boxing then 2 rounds of focus mitt work. Then 10 rounds of light sparring working through things rather than trying to just band through the round. Also my nose is still broke and getting drilled in the face is not up there on my list of things to do right now, not too mention, this is a bad time for Chris to get a cut. Just best to take it easy and work on the mental game rather than the physical at such a time as this.
After the sparring we talked more about what we did and made some simple game plans to follow.
We finished the session with some test bash…bought a bunch of coconuts at a auction last Monday, more than we could possibly use and some seemed a bit old. We found a simple stand to use and bashed the coconuts with: e-tool, mace and Cold Steel poly shillelagh. I had always heard that a coconut was about as tough as a human skull, don’t know if that is true or not but we had a jolly good time smashing in pretend skulls. All thee weapons did great as skull smashers. Will definitely do this again.
Looking forward to tomorrow’s session, gonna work on more boxing and burning a few ideas into the head.

Mark Tripp Judo/Sambo/MMA Seminar Findlay Ohio Dec 3-5

Mark Tripp Judo/Sambo/MMA Seminar Findlay Ohio Dec 3-5


Findlay YMCA East Branch 1400 Manor Hill Road Findlay, Ohio 45840

Saturday, 12/4/2010: 1 pm to 4 pm Sunday, 12/5/2010: 2:45 to 4:45

Saturday: Judo for Self-defense and Personal Protection. Techniques as taught to Coach Tripp by the Japanese Police Department and Civilian Defense Forces. AND Judo Throws (Gi) for BJJ/GJJ/Submission Grappling events. Coach Tripp will show you the best throwing techniques to be used for Non-Judo events. Take your Game to the next level!

Sunday: LeBell Grappling for MMA

Price is $50 per day. BUT: If you register and pay in advance with Mark Hunter, it is $50 for BOTH days.

Send E mail to:

Session 5-23-10

Lots to report on this week…

Last Monday I had Chris and Guv out and we worked on some Russian style striking and tons of footwork followed by about a half hour of mountain axe work…just the basics, angles of attack, stances and such.

Thursday Chris and Guv again. This time we spent much of our time working on the uppercut and going through some variations plus lots of footwork. We ended with an introduction to singlestick using the Regimental Broadsword method.

Over the weekend Randal Gustitis was out and on Saturday he and I worked through some various things including broadsword and sabre using several manuals to pull from, Russian Buza a traditional method of fisticuffs and dance…really very interesting.

Sunday, Chris, Guv, Matt and Justin joined Randal and I for our main weekly session….

I turned it over to Randal as a guest instructor. First we went over the dagger section from Meyer in great detail. We spent about 3 hours on this. Then it was time for some Buza and Randal repeated the private lesson he gave me on Saturday, which is great at least for me as far as retention goes. He will be running the same classes again at the RV weekend less than a month away.

For a closer look at Buza go here:

Session 5-16-10

Matt, Chris and I today…

2 rounds shadow boxing

2 rounds boxing sparring

2 rounds touch glove sparring(before punches can be exchanged both gloves must be touched to the other guys gloves…makes for a good infighting drill. Once the exchange is finished we start over again with the touching of gloves.)

2 Rounds heavy bag

4 rounds partnered footwork drill

2 rounds freestyle footwork

We then worked on some basic savate combination mixing hands and feet together for a better flow…tried them on each other and the heavy bag.

Next up sambo…we threw our jackets on and got right into some review of last week material mainly working on pop offs to belt grips. We then worked on the Russian Uchi mata or podhvat series of take downs. We ended the session with a great rolling takedown, lots of fun with this last one. On last

Monday Guv was out and we worked for about an hour and a half on boxing…lots of sparring.

On Thursday Chris and Guv were out and we worked mainly mma striking for about an hour before moving onto basic single stick broadsword work for about a half hour. They are coming out again this afternoon so I better get some rest 🙂

Russian Army Fight!

A great highlight clip of some Russian combat. Lots of great throws that are more sambo related than the normal wrestling takedowns seen in mma.  Plus a nifty Nightwish song for a soundtrack…

MMA – SAMBO – JUDO Weekend Clinic Findlay OH July 31-Aug 1

Come and learn from Mark Tripp and other Instructors

Start time: Friday, July 31, 2009 at 7:00pm

End time: Saturday, August 1, 2009 at 5:00pm

I will add more details as I learn of them. Should be a good time. I always enjoy training with Coach Tripp.