Session 1-31-10

Very cold today but I got the training area over the freezing point by the time we got together.

Started out looking like just Matt and I today… we did 2 rounds of shadow boxing then followed up with 10 rounds of boxing. After those many rounds we were both soaked with sweat…in the cold that is just no good but fools we are we kept on. Always feel good after that much boxing; for sure I will sleep good tonight.
We pulled out the messer wasters I made a few weeks back and started working through some plays and concepts. Justin came in late and we worked for about 40 minutes further on the messer.
We finished up the session by working through some of the material from the Cane and Footpad article…from 1905 showing the use of a shillelagh in self defense.


Session 12-13-09

Took it very easy today, Dr’s appointment on Monday morning for the shoulder, did not want to go in more injured than I was. We started off with some German longsword. Working with the vier leger and the vier versetzen. We then tried out my new entrenching tool trainer made from a child sized solid plastic snow shovel. Still hits very hard but does not have much mass behind it. Will definitely try and make a few more after trying this one out. We armored up our right arm with various pads and hockey gloves and went to work attacking away at the guy with the shovel, cuts and thrusts. The combination of a padded attacking arm and a light weight trainer made for a nice contact drill. Even more impressed with the e-tool as weapon now that we can go full speed in training. On the shoulder front…went to the Dr Monday morning and had it looked at. Unlikely that it is a torn rotator cuff need to jump through some hoops to get the Insurance company to do an MRI on it so that may be a few weeks.

Session 5-31-09

This past Sunday mark our last gathering in the LOD…next week we
meet at my new house in the Spare Living Room of Doom until the LOD
mark II is finished. I have much cleaning to do!

We started the session with sambo…
2 rds grip work
1 rd ground engagements with a stability ball as an aid
2 rds of freestyle sambo  with no time limit on the ground.
A short bit of work on sweeps from the bottom.

Next up navaja…we went over some of the concepts from M. Loriega’s
class at ISMAC. The left hand drill, jiro and contrajiro as well as
the recortes. We also did two things using the scorpion tail of the
navaja to break grips on the wrist. Over all very good stuff to work
on with more to come.

We briefly went over some of the Garrote Larense we had done before
and a few new things that Bruno showed at ISMAC.

We then drank beer. It is a tradition to close out a training hall
with a drink, well at least it is for us.

Session 4-12-09

Pretty busy week for me here.

On Tuesday I had Dave Doyle come out for about three hours to trade some sambo for wrestling…we ended up doing mainly sambo but I did get a bit of wrestling info outta him. I am still sporting a few bruises.

Friday Matt came out for a pretty rough session:

2 rds grip work

3 rds freestyle sambo

2 rds combat sambo

2 rds fisticuffs (Russian style boxing)

We then broke out the big axes and worked through some of George Silvers advice on fighting with like weaponry.

Sunday, just Justin and I…

2 rds shadow boxing

2 rds boxing

2 rds footwork

2 rds freestyle sambo

2 rds par terre

2 short rds of starting from cross body position.

We messed around with some weapons but mostly just talked about them rather than really getting into anything. Saturday I really over did it with the kettlebell training and my legs were shot so we ended a bit early. I did realize on Saturday that a real hard leg work out should not be followed by a rubber legged climb down the ladder from the LOD.

Session 2-22-09

We were having power problems in our space today. Right away we blew a fuse, I replaced it. 10 minutes later we blew another….no more fuses and no store open in this metropolis to buy new ones…so we trained until it got too dark.

We went over some of the things we did last week end at the clinic…
cross grip podvhat or for those more japanically (yes I made that word up) inclined an uchi mata. We worked this from a cross grip and from a whizzer grip and did it a little different and low on the leg.
Also from this cross grip we worked a front body drop throw, a melnica or firemans and a leg sweep along with a belt grab into a Georgian pick up.
Onto par terre or groundwork….we worked on getting the armbar from the bottom then countering that armbar attempt with a nice leg lock flow that included a knee bar, a banana split and three different achilles crushes.
We then took out the entrenching tools and worked on flowing with them, and on a certain thrust with almost an epee grip from the Russian manual I got to see last week. We did some work against a knife using the e-tool and did some practice chopping/cutting against heavy wooden beams. Like I say almost every week…the more i play with this thing, the more i like it.
I had grand plans for doing a lot of different things this week but it just got too dark too fast and we called it a day after only an hour and a half.
So I have to save the navaja, shillelagh and pugilism for next week and still find time for at least one Broadsword league bout.

Mark Tripp Sambo Seminar Feb 14th Findlay Ohio

We will be having another SAMBO Clinic in Findlay, Ohio with MARK TRIPP.
The Clinic will be FEBRUARY 14t, 2009 from 1PM to 4PM

Please mark your Calendar! You dont want to miss this CLINIC

For more information contact:
Mark Hunter
Ameri-Kan Judo

Hour One: (Gi top or Kurtka) Set ups, grip fighting, “Russian Judo” and Sambo Throws

Hour Two: Throwing to position, armlocks & leglocks, ground defense and offense.

Hour Three: Russian Judo and Sambo in MMA

I went to the last clinic held there with Mr Tripp….it was a great time with some great people and instruction. Call or write to make sure but If I am thinking correctly the price for this seminar is a measley $25. you cannot get a better deal than that.

Session 10-19-08

We started our discussing the sad event from last week…

2 rds shadow boxing
1 rd floor bag
2 rds slipping the jab with or without a counter
1 rd freestyle footwork
2 rds partnered feed and follow footwork

I was sick this week and while i felt fine, I thought i would sit out the grappling and play coach just in case i was still carrying that nasty bug. If my training partners get sick, who will I train with next week?:)

So with me coaching..
1 rd grip work
3 rds sambo wrestling
Very defensive work this week, which might be a bit boring to watch but nothing wrong with that at all. What ground was taken was worked hard for by everyone.

For something a bit different, this week I broke out the entrenching tool and we worked through some of the basic defenses against a long blade and a bayonet thrust. For source material we are using several WWII era Soviet manuals plus a bunch of neat stuff that Ralph G. was nice enough to send me. I also recently scored a Russian lang dvd of shovel work that seems fairly well removed from the systema style of shovel work most commonly shown. Some of it is the same but it seems more based on the older manuals.

Living in the snowbelf here in Ohio, it just makes good sense to carry around a small shovel in the car. Why not let it serve double duty this year?