NEOHEMAS Session 1-31-15

Louis and I today…

Quick review of some German longsword material including the versetzen, uberlaufen and durchlaufen. Again the lower ceiling making longsword a real not-winter sort of thing for us.

Next up about a half hours work on gladiatorial combat with a focus on Thraex, Murmillo and Dimachaerus amatura. Really really fun. We added to this a bit of Roman/Greek boxing for s nice session of ancient combat. Just need to add some wrestling for a full program of AMA.

The mountain axes finally woke up after an extended hibernation. We did some work on basic attack and defenses using a variety of axes and comparing the weight and handling aspects of a few different styles. WE also had a nice discussion of thrusting with the head of the axe.

We ended the session with one of my favorite weapons…the e-tool. We worked on the four basic attacks and defenses for them, then we worked some actual plays or techniques, shovel vs shovel and shovel vs knife. We ended the session with a bit of e-tool bouting, great fun as always.

Louis is off for Australia for the Spring and Summer so we won’t see him again until the Fall. Hopefully he will find someone down there to train with for that time. Anyone in or near Adelaide?

I canceled Sunday’s session due to the heavy snowfall.



Down with the creeping death or Captain Trips or whatever it is that is making me feel so bad, so no training this weekend But I am sharing a nice brief but informative post about what HEMA is ffrom Matt Galas:

HEMA Fact Sheet
The term “Historical European Martial Arts” (HEMA) refers to a wide array of martial disciplines traditionally practiced in Europe and its colonies. These consist of the following:
• Unarmored combat with various weapons (longsword, rapier, sword & buckler, polearms, etc.)
• Armored combat with various weapons (sword, dagger, spear, poleaxe, etc.)
• Mounted combat (armored and unarmored, primarily with sword and lance)
• Unarmed combat (wrestling, punching and kicking arts; integrated into all of the above)
Unlike other martial arts, which have living traditions, HEMA is primarily based on the study of surviving manuscripts and books written long ago by European fencing and wrestling masters. Thus, they are reconstructed fighting arts. HEMA has been practiced in a systematic way since the mid-1990s, although attempts at reconstruction occurred as early as Victorian times.
The European fighting arts evolved over time, with each era having its own focus and flavor:
• Medieval: The period of greatest diversity, with a primary focus on the longsword, following the teachings of masters such as Johannes Liechtenauer and Fiore dei Liberi.
• Renaissance: Focused on the rapier systems of the late 16th and 17th centuries
• Early Modern: Primarily smallsword, military sabre systems, and stick-fighting systems
Most HEMA clubs focus on Late Medieval fighting arts (especially the longsword) or on the Renaissance sword arts (especially the rapier). However, many clubs practice the arts of more than one period. Above all, HEMA is characterized by its diversity.
Regardless of a club’s particular focus, the practice of HEMA typically consists of: Physical conditioning; training in martial techniques (alone, with a partner, or in a group); putting martial techniques into practice by sparring with opponents; and the practice of related skills, such as using the sword to cut through targets. Some HEMA practitioners choose to take part in tournaments as a way of testing their skills, but this is by no means required.
Although our practitioners come from many backgrounds, HEMA is none of the following:
• Live Action Role Playing (LARP)
• Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA)
• Medieval/Renaissance Re-Enactment
• Stage Combat
The bedrock foundation of HEMA is the study of primary source material, such as old books on fencing and wrestling. Because of this, scholarship and research are important parts of the practice of HEMA. Many of these old works have been translated, and quite a few are illustrated. A wide selection can be found online at sites such as or by Googling “HEMA”.

NEOHEMAS Session 9-14-14

Chris, Gary, Jason, Matt and I today…

2 rounds shadow boxing
3 rounds boxing
1 round savate
1 round Pammachon (boxing with a dagger)
Next up, grappling…
We worked the the single to Barzegar finish from last week again and added a podsod throw from sambo in as well, with two variations. We also worked on our shots and sprawls and a turnover called elbow in the ear:)
We finished the session with some navaja work, a simple sidestep thrust counter, and a little work from the Navarrese stance.

Recreational Violence X AAR

Rec Vio 10 is in the books…quick run down:

Fist hip and shillelagh- Taught by me, a class combining stick, boxing and wrestling in the Irish tradition.
Broadsword and targe- taught by Chris Thompson, great class on targe(we ended up using bucklers) in conjunction with the Broadsword.
Agrippa- Taught by Randal Gustitis, really interesting class that got cut short once the lightning started. We went back to my house and finished up the class using bowie knives due to lack of space.
Bowie knife-  taught by Kirk Lawson. After the rain died down we ran through this class that was a surprise to Kirk:) But he did a great job.
WWI Bayonet- taught by Kirk Lawson, great fun class with nice rifle bayonet trainers alongside the real thing. Simple and easy to understand. just my sort of class.
Sparth Axe- Taught by Ken Pfrenger and Chris Thompson. Chris handled the history while I demoed the use of the big axe going through the 10 lessons as set forth by the Cateran Society.
CQC knife entries- Taught by Tim Anderson. Fun class with little int he way of actual technique instruction…we all have our own way of doing things, what he gave us were suggestions and ways to train. Nice stuff.
MacGregor’s bayonet and some combatives concepts-  Taught by Chris Thompson, quick run through MacGregor’s bayonet then some work on combatives for an upcoming project.
Zachary Wylde’s staff- taught by Randal Gustitis, simple but interesting system of staff play from 1711.
Numbers way down this year. We may change location and take this on the road to Dayton next year. Or still hold it here and do a second event in Dayton in the fall. Still in the works.
s always the social aspect of events like this were very important, seeing old friends, making new ones and sharing food drink and martial arts make this sort of thing the highlight of my year.
I want to thank all that were able to make it out to teach and learn and thank those who tired to make it but came up a bit short.There is always next year or the year after that.

NEOHEMAS Session 7-6-14

On Sunday it was Matt and I…Mat has been awol for quite some time so we spent a little longer than usual talking before the martial activities. Our plan was an afternoon of single stick. Once Matt found my training spears, our goal shifted.

We spent nearly two hours working through the Cossack spear and Fiore’s spear material. We had several bout spear vs spear and one long spear and buckler vs spear and buckler which was great fun.

We ended the session with some bullwhip…not my weapon of choice but Matt had gotten pretty good with it.

On Wednesday, Chris was out and we spent and hour and a half working through some navaja material. He has an injured right arm and we need to work one handed for a couple of months so considering that he is a LEO and his everyday carry is a cold steel espada…navaja it is!


NEOHEMAS session 2-30-14

David, Jason and I today…

2 rounds shadow boxing
1 rounds focus gloves
3 rounds boxing
1 round savate
1 round partnered footwork
1 round freestyle footwork

We worked a short while on the four quadrant punching drill we did
few weeks back and got a short video to show just what I’m talking

We then completely switched gears and brought out the training spears
for a quick recap of our skills before doing a little bouting. Since
we were indoors with spears of roughly 6′ length our focus was on
Fiore’s plays. Had some real excellent success using the Mezza Porta
di Ferro (Middle Iron Door), so after the bouting we went over this

We ended the session with some work using the Regimental Highland
broadsword system as put forth by the Cateran society. Basic guards,
shifting the leg, compass attacks. Looking forward tot he nicer
weather so we can get outside with this.

NEOHEMAS session 11-3-13

Just Chris and I today…only about an hours worth of training time:

2 rounds shadow boxing warm up
2 rounds boxing (boxing gloves only protection)
1 rounds savate
1 rounds focus gloves
Figured out how to use the interval timer app on my phone. Very useful from here on out.
I wanted to get a t least a little weapon work in so we went of Fiore’s spear once again, just the first three masters, getting more indepth and make sure our technique was correct as well as our footwork and talking about unmatched weapons and the need to adjust our footwork to compensate for different ranges. Just for a bit of fun we finished the session using a sparth axe as a stand in for the spear…of course it worked great.