Session 2-16-11

I usually don’t write mid-week session reports but since last Sundays session was short and yesterdays mid-week was so fun…

Matt and I today.

2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds boxing
2 rounds savate
3 rounds combat sambo

This was some of the hardest sparring we have ever done. By the end of rounds 6 we were truly shot…so we did one more.

It was the first non-freezing day in a long time here in NE Ohio so we went outside with the longswords and sparth axes for a little work. We still had to train in the street though. Not enough snow had melted yet.

We went through some grappling with the longsword plays then let them start to flow organically out of some half speed bouting.

We finished out the session with sparth axe. We did some bouting but our main focus this time was the charge, both performing it and defending against it.

Session 11-7-10

Busy three days…
On Friday Matt and Chris were out. Matt came out first and we did a
ton of work with the e-tool. When Chris arrived we jumped right into
some showboxing then sparring. The pace was definitely pushed
especially for Matt, some real hard sparring. We then went of some
clinch fighting and cover ups.

Sat Gov came out and we worked his boxing and savate, sparring 5
rounds and doing the focus gloves, shadow boxing and footwork. Focused on defeating a
strong jab. Lots of work on the Philly shell defense.

Finally on Sunday it was just Matt and I…we started with the sparth
axe and went through all our material for that then had some
interesting bouts. These axes have pvc shafts and leather heads. We
spent about an hour and a half here.

We ended the session with 2 rounds of shadow boxing, 3 rounds of
boxing and then 2 rounds of savate.

Looking forward to another busy week next week,

Session 1-19-10

Just Matt and I for starters today but then we were joined by Dave the ultimate part timer:)

2 rounds shadow boxing
3 rounds boxing with 4 oz gloves and head gear
1 rounds partnered footwork drill
1 round freestyle footwork

On with the jackets for some sambo. We are on week 2 of Coach Tripp’s 16 week cycle. focusing this time on the front body drop throw standing and north south position on the ground. We also had a quick review of last weeks session on the back trip. Even with no active free rolling we were toast by the end of our grappling session.

We then brought out the Navajas for a quick review of the clinch work from last week then moved on to some work from the Mediterranean grip. We only spent about a half hour but it was productive and keeps the navaja ball rolling here in Ohio.

We then pulled out the sparth axe trainers and went over some of the actions using the head of the weapon according to Silvers material on forest bill. Lots of casting the opponents weapon to the side, up or down and thrusting and or hooking with our own. We also did a fair bit of work form the bind and when the axe heads get hooked as they will tend to do.

We ended the session going over the basics for using the Khevsurian fighting ring. Ways of gripping the ring and the four basic attacks using this tiny but painful weapon.

I recently found some nice small gears to turn into the fighting rings at a tractor supply store. Not much to this really but nice to touch on now and again especially now that I have one that I can carry.

Session 8-19-10

Justin, Matt and I today…

2 rounds of shadow boxing
Then is honor of James Toney’s outstanding performance this last weekend we did 4 rounds of boxing.
2 rounds of freestyle footwork

It occurred to me during one of the rounds of boxing that I was having an absolute blast…which is strange in a way. here I am doing my best not to get my face bashed in while trying to punch my own friends in the face…this should be horrible or at least traumatic but no, it is fun.

In honor of Randy Couture’s performance this past weekend we worked on the low single leg from the outside.

We went through Silvers bill material using the Irish sparth axe again this week plus a review of all the axe stuff we have been doing lately.

Lastly we played with bows…no actual arrows took flight. We just played around a bit with Matt’s Magyar bow and my compound, using different drawing methods including a thumb ring.

Next weekend ISMAC!

Session 8-22-10

Matt and I today…

I was pretty sick all week but felt good enough today to train…I do hate to cancel.

We skipped all thoughts of warming up today and jumped right into fighting.
3 rounds of boxing followed by 2 rounds of savate.

Gypsies seemed to be the topic of the day so we flowed right into navaja work from the MdB going over the basics of the jiro and contra jiro and footwork…this lead to an all over Navaja session lasting about an hour.

We ended the session working once again with the sparth axe trainers covering what we have been working in the previous weeks but adding some new material from Silvers section of the bill and q-staff. This all lead to me spouting off everything I knew of Silver for Matt to try an absorb…I stuck to what I was comfortable with which admittedly was not much.

Session 8-15-10

Just Matt and I today…

We started off the session working with the sparth axe. Going over
some of the material from last week plus some material from Silver.
Rather than risk our lives again, I made two spart trainers, wooden
shafts with leather heads, still pack a wallop but not deadly. making
some good headway here.

Next we dug into some sambo and worked on the lesson plan from last
week that never got done. After two rounds off balance/grip drill we
worked on three main concepts:
1 A very wrestling like single leg with a jacket grip set up
2 A drop knee throw and the step over counter then a rolling kneebar
to counter the step
3 A lateral trip or Pancake throw

We ended the session working with the e-tool for about a half hour.
Just the basics, simple attacks and defenses…only high percentage
work done today.

Earlier in the week on Tuesday Chris came out and we did lots of
footwork, sparring and timing drills.

Session 4-5-09

Just Matt and I today….

2 rds shadow boxing 2 rds sparring Russian style fisticuffs We then went over a few defensive and offensive concepts from fisticuffs…..very strange but functional. Using methods 1,2 and 3 for dealing with incoming blows, setting up both punches and elbow strikes from our own parried punches. We also went over one unarmed defense against a stick attack.

Onto sambo…. 1 rd grip work 3 rds freestyle sambo 1 rd combat sambo

We were very Russian up until we pulled out the big axes and worked on a very neglected subject…Irish sparth axe based on George Silver mostly. We went over our basic stance work and practices some cuts and thrusts using the large axe. Has the sparth axe fire been rekindled…maybe it was alot of fun to pick the big axes up again.


We ended the session by going Russian again and heading out to the wooded area behind the LOD for some work at close ranging throwing of the e-tool. Basic knife range throwing of this fearsome little beast is devastating and it sticks nearly everytime and in the least rips out huge pieces of wood. I will have to get a clip of this up soon.