Session 8-17-11

Midweek session for Matt and I today. We have been focusing so hard on
sambo for the last month that it was time to take a break and do some
drilling and bouting with weapons for a change.

1 Dussack…we had two spirited bouts uising the PH leather dussacks.
I can feel these bouts in my legs still.

2 Longsword…just went over some basic binds then worked on them in
real time with resistance.

3 Shillelagh…two bouts with this overly fun weapon. We took up the
mats so we made the rule that we were not to go to the ground. Still
a constant struggle much less strategy and more gagression.

4 Sparth axe…we went outside and reintroduced ourselves to this most
brutal of weapons. It is good to get swinging once again. Have some
serious work with these planned in the coming weeks. Had two fun bouts
with these monsters.

5 Mountain axe..two bout with plenty of smashed hands. These are
really like the shillelaghs in the level of aggression that comes out.

6 E-tool…just one brutal round of shovel sparring. Brutal sums it up.

7 Navaja…two bouts using CS trainers. Been a while, great fun can’t
wait to do it again soon.

Overall fun session. Different energy, weapons vs unarmed, not less or
more just a different feel. Will go back to the mixed workout next
time around.


Session 6- 13- 10

First off I have updated the schedule for the RV weekend this year:
Earlier this week…On Wed, Guv came out and we did some sparring and a ton of padwork.
Thurs, Chris and Guv came out and we did mainly pad work, began teaching the both of them how to feed. Finished up with about 45 mins of mountain axe work.

Today…Just Matt and I…

2 Rounds shadow boxing
5 Rounds sparring
1 round focus mitts
1 round floor bag
1 round heavy bag
2 rounds footwork both freestyle and partnered.

Next up sambo…
2 round off balancing grip work
3 rounds freestyle sambo

We ended the session with some Regimental broadsword refresher…basic positions and a few exercises.

Looking forward tot he RV weekend in just 5 or so days!

3 of us today…

2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds sparring boxing
2 rounds sparring savate
2 rounds heavy bag
1 round freestyle footwork
2 rounds partnered footwork

We then broke out the kicking shield and worked on our chasse from our lead and rear leg.

Next up…weapons.

We went over some broad sword concepts including hanging guards and power generation through much smaller movement than we were using. Randal G. and I worked on this last time he was out and it has just started to sink in.

We then had four nice spirited bouts using the e-tool trainers. This was incredible fun and the hardest we have bouted with this weapon. Now that we have decent ‘toy’ shovels we can pretty much go all out, a little rough perhaps but a few scrapes and bruises mean little between friends…especially when you get to hit each other with shovels. We ended up breaking one of the trainers but it definitely was worth it.

We ended our session with a nice home brew courtesy of Justin’s father because beer is an excellent way to end a training session!

Guv was out on Thursday afternoon and we sparred for 3 rounds after warming up with some shadow boxing. We then went for about 30 minutes hitting the pads. We ended our session with about 45 minutes on the mountain axe. Concentrating on the basics and the essential figure eight movements.

Saturday found Kirk Lawson in the area and he stopped in for a bit…we did a bit of test cutting with knives and took some photos for the ever work in progress bata manual.

Session 5-30-10

Holiday weekend…solo training today but first…

On Wed I had Chris and Guv out and we worked through a nice combo: low lead hook followed by a high lead hook with a passing step to your inside, slight body shift when delivering the next blow a straight rear to the head, followed by a lead leg fouette to the inside of the thigh then a rear leg chausson to the gut. We went through several variations of this and built it up from the first two punches slowly.

Chris and Guv sparred two rounds as well and they really beat the hell outta each other the first round…just pure aggression. Maybe not the best way to train or even fight but highly entertaining:) The second round I had them move more and punch less, working more with the concept of reacting to the opponent rather than just both wailing away.

We finished with about 45 mins of mountain axe work concentrating on blocking incoming blows with the head and following with a butt smash then a step back and downward blow.

So today for me (pretty much what I do three times a week anyway with two days S&C):
4 rounds of shadow boxing
3 rounds heavy bag
1 round floor bag
2 rounds freestyle footwork
3 rounds navaja work
4 rounds e-tool work
3 rounds shillelagh

Session 5-23-10

Lots to report on this week…

Last Monday I had Chris and Guv out and we worked on some Russian style striking and tons of footwork followed by about a half hour of mountain axe work…just the basics, angles of attack, stances and such.

Thursday Chris and Guv again. This time we spent much of our time working on the uppercut and going through some variations plus lots of footwork. We ended with an introduction to singlestick using the Regimental Broadsword method.

Over the weekend Randal Gustitis was out and on Saturday he and I worked through some various things including broadsword and sabre using several manuals to pull from, Russian Buza a traditional method of fisticuffs and dance…really very interesting.

Sunday, Chris, Guv, Matt and Justin joined Randal and I for our main weekly session….

I turned it over to Randal as a guest instructor. First we went over the dagger section from Meyer in great detail. We spent about 3 hours on this. Then it was time for some Buza and Randal repeated the private lesson he gave me on Saturday, which is great at least for me as far as retention goes. He will be running the same classes again at the RV weekend less than a month away.

For a closer look at Buza go here:

Session 3-7-10

Just Matt and I today…
2 rds shadow boxing
10 rds boxing sparring
2 rds freestyle footwork
At this point feeling more than a little warmed up we decided to play some Tatar Kuresh:
We had I think six quick bouts…a nice add on drill for our normal sambo program.
We then broke out the shillelaghs for some back and forth training for a few rounds but honestly after that much boxing our shoulders were pretty shot and holding the stick in the high guard was getting pretty uncomfortable.
Next up mountain axe…we did about a half hours worth of work, going over some basics and working through a play. It has been a while since we got to play with the axes so this was a lot of fun.
We finished the session tossing around the Bulgarian bag and some kettlebells for a few minutes just to make sure I was truly exhausted.

Session 12-27-09

Again just Matt and I…

2 rds shadow boxing 5 rds sparring – boxing switching from Russian fisticuffs to Dempsey to modern to Mendoza style constantly. We were shooting for 10 rds today but my shoulder started feeling a bit sloppy and my thumbs on both hand were getting mangled.

1 rd heavy bag

1 rd floor GnP bag

1 rd focus mitts

1 rds feed and follow footwork drill

1 rds freestyle footwork to cool down

We skipped grappling today since Matt had a cold.

Next out came the shillelaghs and we did a blocking drill followed by a two handed block return drill. Fingers a little smashed today:)

We ended the session with two rds of light sparring using the mountain axe. It has been a while since we played with these so there was a good amount of review while bouting.

Last Wed. Matt came out and we focused mainly on Boxing…

2 rds shadow boxing

10 rds sparring

2 rds footwork