NEOHEMAS Session 4-26-15

Chris Matt and I…
2 rounds shadow boxing
4 rounds focus gloves
4 rounds 3 count cadence drill

2 rounds 1-2 punching on the focus gloves for Chris.
We then reviewed our Roman and Greek boxing, basic stances and some attacks then putting on some headgear and working a few combinations.

Chris had to leave early so I went over our basic gladiator work with Matt for the first time, giving him a chance to fight in the various armatura that we have the equipment for.

We worked a bit on the basic mechanics for the thrust and lunge which lead us into some spear work, going over Fiore’s spear material plus some from the Cossack method. We ended the session with some knife, cutting against targets with real force.



NEOHEMAS session 12=8=13

Just Chris and I today. I was suffering form a case of swimmers ear so I needed to take a bit easier than I liked and I absolutely could not get hit in the ear:)

We started out with some spear today (easy on the ear) reviewing Fiore’s material once again and some other stuff as well.

2 rounds shadow boxing
30 minutes of working on the inside and outside triple from boxing since Greg Hall was kind enough to remind me of this.
We then worked on a kick from Russian Stormfighting…a foutte thrown from the ground. Even though it seems to move pretty slow, it packed a lot of power. We ended the session with a little bit of clinch work and grappling off of the wall.
My wife made me pour apple cider vinegar in my ear after training and believe it or not by morning my ear was almost pain free. Apparently the vinegar kills the bacteria???? Who knew?


NEOHEMAS session 11-3-13

Just Chris and I today…only about an hours worth of training time:

2 rounds shadow boxing warm up
2 rounds boxing (boxing gloves only protection)
1 rounds savate
1 rounds focus gloves
Figured out how to use the interval timer app on my phone. Very useful from here on out.
I wanted to get a t least a little weapon work in so we went of Fiore’s spear once again, just the first three masters, getting more indepth and make sure our technique was correct as well as our footwork and talking about unmatched weapons and the need to adjust our footwork to compensate for different ranges. Just for a bit of fun we finished the session using a sparth axe as a stand in for the spear…of course it worked great.

NEOHEMAS session 10-20-13

A little late in posting this week, just been busy.

Chris, David, Gary, Jason and I today…Jason still out with bum knee, Gary out with concussion(football).
2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds savate sparring, no headgear 4 oz gloves and mouthpieces only.
1 round focus glove
3 rounds footwork, both partnered and freestyle solo.
We then worked on not telegraphing our kicks, focusing on lead leg attacks.
For some reason I forgot it was officially leglocktober and we did not do any leglocks.
We ended the session going through the entire spear section from Fiore…pretty simple but very fun. Always in search of good indoor winter weapons to play with, more room to thrust with a spear than swing a sword inside our small training area.

NEOHEMAS session 10-14-13

Chris, Gary, Jason and I today….

2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds savate with no safety equip. just good control
Russian fisticuff drill called anvils…with a name like that you can surely expect some bruising:)
Grappling up next. Last week we worked a sambo takedown called the Cuban, this week we worked on a variation of this. The Cuban is an inside leg trip, from this we did a rolling inverted kneebar.
This lead to getting the same sub from a half guard position as well. This all fell in line with out Leglocktober theme.
Wrestling season coming up for Gary so we wanted tog et him some mat time…Chris took Gary through three rounds of coached grappling.
We ended our session historical…for a change we went through the first three masters of Fiore’s spear. It has been years but still as fun as I remembered it. Last up was a review of our progress in Von Auerswald’s 1539 Ringer Kunst manual.

fiore spear 1200px-Auerswald_7

Classes at SCA Saxon Summer

Well saturday I taught two classes at the local Northeast Ohio SCA groups event called Saxon Summer. I taught right after the heavy fighting.

FIrst class…medival dagger and wrestling with a definite focus on wrestling in the manner put forth by Fiore Dei Liberi in his 1410 text. We discussed the 7 requirements for wrestling and showed examples of the last five and also wnet over the four wrestling posta. We then worked through the 1st Master in the wrestling section, ending up with some dagger defenses from the Iron gate position. Fun class, and much thanks to Bob Charron who I stole heavily from.

We then broke out the mountain axes and luckily I had just enough to make sure everyone got to have a training axe. We talked briefly about the history any cultural variations of the mountain axe before jumping right into the use.

We covered the four main stances…Hungarian, Polomski and Zbojnici forward and back. Holding the axe with the strong hand back is odd for most folks at first even if they get the reason why we do it. We also spent a long time working on the vertical figure eight movement and showing why it is an important component in the usage of this weapon.

We ended the class by working through 4 plays, axe vs axe.

Overall a good experience and I would be happy to do it again when asked. The turnout was not great but bucketloads of water falling on your head will tend to make even the hardiest of combatants decide to stay home and dry. Though the SCA has gotten some bad press with many WMA folks…all Is aw were people interested in what we were doing and enjoying whacking each other with axes and twisting each others limbs…what more could you ask for?

ISMAC 2008

I am now sufficiently rested up enough to feel like sitting infront of
my monitor and giving a recap of the latest ISMAC.

First off, the new location…The Westin Hotel at the Detroit Metro
Airport….very nice hotel and great convention level that we
basically took control of until the wee hours of the morning each day.
Unlike at Lansing where everything was spread out into different
buildings or the Marriot of last year where the roms were fine but we
lacked a central point to sit and talk between and during
classes…this year we were all on one floor and there was a real nice
big area for us to sit, talk, eat and drink, and drink.

The only downfall was the food situation…since this was a Hotel at
an airport the only food available beside the way overpriced hotel
food was either via delivery or going through the TSA checkpoint and
hit one of the many restraunts in the terminal. I foresaw this problem
and brought a good bit of food along with me, one trip to Walmart to
top off my supplies and I ate cheaper this year than I thought

Thanks to Kirk and Mark, I was actually ontime this year for the meet
and great and the Patri P. charity auction that did very well. I
imagine if there is another one next year it will do even better.

It seems that lack of sleep and alcohol were my demons this time
around. Thursday night after vowing not to touch a drop, Tom Badillo
slipped me a beer with some date rape drug in it and while I kept my
virtue intact, it seemed to open up the beer floodgates.

Needless to say, Friday morning…bad hang over. I was up early but
had nothing until my class on Sambo after lunch (yes i made the
suggestion afterwards, no wrestling right after lunch) The class went
well and was alot of fun but draining for me. Later i had my eye on 2,
1 1/2 hour classes but somehow Jared roped me into the Duelling shield
class which was a 3 hour monster. Very very cool class, if I had more
ambition i might make a pair ( I still might) to play with at home.
Paul Macdonald assited by Jared Kirby did an excellent job at
conveying the power of this unusual weapon/shield. I enjoyed it more
than I thought I would. After 3 hours holding those monster up, I was

Friday night I decided that rum was a better fit for me than the beer
the night before, I was wrong. DIfferent sort of hangover I suppose
but still an all day bad one. In the first slot were three of the
classes I wanted to attend most, Bob Charron teaching Ligadura, Craig
Johnson with his Unusual weapons class and Sean Hayes with his Italian
Polearms…in the end I decided on Bob’s Ligadura since he was out
here a few months ago and some of the material was still relatively
fresh in my mind. Very good class, 3 hours long but it really went by
quick witha good retention rate for me. I missed Tim’s Passchen and
Petter class due to my inability to read a schedule. By the time my
class, the Fine art of Fibbing rolled around I was nearly asleep but
thanks to Kirk keeping me alert and helping out with some material
from his Banned from Boxing book I
think it went well.

So Saturday night rolled around and for sure I was skipping on the
drink and I did a good job of that unfortunately Jared had a guitar
and there was much singing and for some reason I stayed up to 5
AM…without even taking a drink to blame it on. But really if you
were having a sing-a-long with James Loriega, would you go to bed

Up bright and early at 7 AM due to my total inability to sleep in
hotels….it was clear that I should have slept in but at 9 AM I went
to Craig Johnson’s Montante class. Excellent class, I had watched it
last year and was looking forward to taking it this time around, sleep
or no sleep. Finally a longsword style that seems comfortable to me.
My intro to savate class was up last and we took it easy but still
covered alot of ground.

I would have liked to take more classes but felt it was better to
concentrate on those I was teaching before blowing out all my energy
on classes that interested me. Regardless of my idiocy, Jared and John
and their whole staff of folks and monkeys did a great job again this
year, making us welcome and putting everything together. They were
unable to fulfil my request for a one legged hooker this time around
but there is always next year.

So it may sound like I am a bit of a lush but to be honest I hardly
ever drink therefore it does not take much for me to over do it. So
next year wine perhaps?