Session 9-9-12

Super late with report but I figured I would get it done before writing the one for tomorrow.

Just Chris and I on Sunday. He has an MMA fight coming up on the 22nd so lots of work to get done. There was plenty of of video of his opponent online so we went over what we saw and decided that the guy who he was fighting was definitely game but lacking in some crucial areas, most glaring was his boxing. Definitely tough and a guy who comes to fight but a little on the raw and wild side.
So what we did was work on standing sparring…1st 2 rounds of shadow boxing then 2 rounds of focus mitt work. Then 10 rounds of light sparring working through things rather than trying to just band through the round. Also my nose is still broke and getting drilled in the face is not up there on my list of things to do right now, not too mention, this is a bad time for Chris to get a cut. Just best to take it easy and work on the mental game rather than the physical at such a time as this.
After the sparring we talked more about what we did and made some simple game plans to follow.
We finished the session with some test bash…bought a bunch of coconuts at a auction last Monday, more than we could possibly use and some seemed a bit old. We found a simple stand to use and bashed the coconuts with: e-tool, mace and Cold Steel poly shillelagh. I had always heard that a coconut was about as tough as a human skull, don’t know if that is true or not but we had a jolly good time smashing in pretend skulls. All thee weapons did great as skull smashers. Will definitely do this again.
Looking forward to tomorrow’s session, gonna work on more boxing and burning a few ideas into the head.

Session 8-17-11

Midweek session for Matt and I today. We have been focusing so hard on
sambo for the last month that it was time to take a break and do some
drilling and bouting with weapons for a change.

1 Dussack…we had two spirited bouts uising the PH leather dussacks.
I can feel these bouts in my legs still.

2 Longsword…just went over some basic binds then worked on them in
real time with resistance.

3 Shillelagh…two bouts with this overly fun weapon. We took up the
mats so we made the rule that we were not to go to the ground. Still
a constant struggle much less strategy and more gagression.

4 Sparth axe…we went outside and reintroduced ourselves to this most
brutal of weapons. It is good to get swinging once again. Have some
serious work with these planned in the coming weeks. Had two fun bouts
with these monsters.

5 Mountain axe..two bout with plenty of smashed hands. These are
really like the shillelaghs in the level of aggression that comes out.

6 E-tool…just one brutal round of shovel sparring. Brutal sums it up.

7 Navaja…two bouts using CS trainers. Been a while, great fun can’t
wait to do it again soon.

Overall fun session. Different energy, weapons vs unarmed, not less or
more just a different feel. Will go back to the mixed workout next
time around.

Session 4-10-11

No session last week, hence no report…this week Everyone canceled so I spent 10 rounds on boxing training then 2 rounds on e-tool. Sophia (age 8) then joined me for some singlestick followed by some grappling. There are not too many take downs that a 60 lb child can use on a grown man but we managed to make three of them work and I had her tossing me around pretty good by the end of a half hour.

On Wed Matt was out:
2 rounds shadow boxing
3 rounds boxing
2 rounds sambo
1 round combat sambo
We then broke out the longsword trainers and worked just the basics, stances and cuts.

On Thursday Dave J came out in the AM.
2 rounds shadow boxing
3 rounds boxing
We then went over the basics of working with the navaja

On Friday Chris was out.
2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds boxing
Out came the single sticks for some drills plus some work with the messer. We ended with a complex combination using the e-tool.

Session 3-20-11

Chris, Matt and I today…

2 rounds shadow boxing
4 rounds three count cadence drill
2 rounds partnered footwork drill
1 round freestyle footwork

We then spent some time working on a few old boxing gems…the Miske Twist and the Mike Donovan combo.

On with the kurtka…

We started our sambo session with two rounds of grip work followed by some work on:
Podvhat the Russian uchi mata
Ski lift throw
Failed ski lift into melnitsa(firemans) finishing with a hip lock

We then worked a for a short while on the figure eight movements prevalent in Russian weapon work using the club and the e-tool as examples into empty hands.

We ended the session with some savate versus knife, plying our various kicks against a knife wielding assailant.

The Miske Twist

Session 2-26-11

Just Matt and I today…a good day to do nothing but fight:)

Some days it is a good idea just to work on what you already know. It is easy to fall into the trap of being a technique collector. For unarmed, I like the following progression that we used on Sunday…boxing then add kicking then add the grappling. Then if we go further add the weapons in like we did…grappling is less attractive with the navaja pointed at you but for some reason happens frequently int eh e-tool bouting, most likely due to the slower speed of the heavier weapon.

2 rounds boxing
2 rounds savate
2 rounds combat sambo
The combat sambo lead us to a good deal of fighting against the wall both on the feet and on the ground. This lead to some work on using the wall to help get better position and or leverage both on the feet and on the ground.
1 round navaja and faja vs same
1 round navaja vs same
2 rounds of e-tool

The e-tool fight is much like the knife fight. often there is not way to come out unscathed. At time the only option was to come out of an engagement with less damage than you inflict.

New e-tool clip

It was too cold for a training session today but I did manage to get outside and film a short flourish with the e-tool.

Session 12-12-10

Matt and I today…looked like a good day to do nothing but spar/bout.

2 rounds of shadow boxing
4 rounds of boxing
1 round savate
2 rounds freestyle sambo
1 round sambo par terre (ground work)

We broke out the navajas for some work. Our main focus today was the thrust. We worked through a three thrust drill that included both defense and offence. We then went over the mechanics for both the viaje and the matador thrust and worked drills for these. Lastly we worked on our flourish for a few minutes.

1 round shillelagh and bowie versus shillelagh and bowie
1 round navaja dueling
1 round e-tool bout

We then broke out the messer trainers, not quite dusacks, close but more messer-like in form. We went over the basics then had two quick bouts using this fun and indoor friendly weapon.