Session 8-26-12

Just Chris and I today…
2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds focus mitts
2 rounds boxing…1st round went smoothly, by the end of the second round I was sucking wind and got hit way to many times in the head for my liking. My nose was broken for the millionth time, not bad but pretty sore and wiggly, a bit more crooked than it was before. I can now see it continually in the line of vision of my right eye:) A second after the shot to the sniffer, my right eye got blasted. The ring timer had mercy on me a few seconds later.
Feeling a bit roughed up we started working some material for knees and elbows. Some Thai for the knees mostly but the elbows were a combination of Thai and Russian style fisticuffs with a little bit of Dempsey mechanics to mix it up completely. We also went over some of the concepts from last weeks session.
Out came the navaja’s for a quick review and some footwork, both jiro and contra jiro and well as some work on the concepts of corridas. We also hit on the idea of the recortes. We finished with some of the footwork drills borrowed from Garrote Larense. A very footwork inspired knife session.
We ended the session with messer. We finially had a chance ot go over the messer from Rec Violence 8 and to work on a few basics.

Session 8-19-12

Just Chris and I this week…
We went over a few things from Rec Violence such as the slungshot material and some of the Shiner style Irish stick to start the session.
2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds boxing
1 round savate
1 round partnered footwork
We then worked on a lead shoulder feint into a side step uppercut of shovel hook to the body. Also a jab, hammer fist to the ribs, hook to the head. We finished up the striking with some work on the jab/jolt including more feinting and a few methods for power generation and how and when to use them.
Next up we threw on our kurtka and worked on sambo…just a few things including the material in this video:
And the Perednyaya podnozhka. Which will be familiar to some as a Tai Otoshi or front body drop. (Kirk, do not try this at home).
Chris then brought in his asp and knife from his belt (new LEO) and we went over a few things including a few striking patterns and the bastoncello as taught by Allen Reed this year at Rec Violence. We looked at his knife, a strange forward curved blade that looked somewhat like a cross between a push dagger and a carpet knife. So how best to use this?
Well I just cleaned out a freezer and found a nice big freezer burnt pork loin that was just screaming to be slash and cut apart, so out we went with some cord to hand it with, Chris’s knife and my semi-new gaucho knife.
Definitely using the short curved knife in the manner of le couteau as discussed by Renaud…a more of a boxing approach. The Gaucho style punal cut like a dream…super thin and sharp blade. It is headed right for my kitchen:)
As a final kicker for our session, Chris and I moved a clawfoot tub for my wife.

Session 10-16-11

Had a new guy out this week. His name was Matt and strangely he is the fourth Matt we have had out to train with us. A popular name for sure but we have had a disproportionate number of them.

So today, Matt, Matt and I…

I am getting over a week long bout of the flu so was a little weak and wheezy, luckily Matt1 was there to help show some basics to the new guy. We went over basic attitude and footwork, progressing to straight lead and straight rear punches vertical fist. NewMatt is a pretty big guy so when he had his rhythm and timing down for the punches they were solid. In a few weeks he should be hitting like a truck.

After about an hour working on the basics we had him join into our regular striking routine.

2 rounds footwork
1 round heavy bag
2 rounds feed and follow drill, just straight lead while moving around in footwork
Matt1 and I then sparred 1 round boxing and 1 round savate showing how hard we usually go and what equipment we use.

We then demoed some weapon work for him so he could see some of the things we work on besides boxing (which was his main interest)

We ended the session with just a few minutes of matwork.

Session 8-28-11

Matt and I today.

No session last week or even midweek. had a run in with a hornet and found out I am more allergic than I thought I was.

Matt had eye surgery a few weeks ago and finally got the ok to get punched in the head…
2 rounds shadow boxing
4 rounds boxing
1 round savate

On with the jackets for some sambo…
2 rounds grip work
2 rounds freestyle sambo
1 round par terre.

Sambo is fun but more than a little rough, often we are turned upside down during a throw or groundwork, stomach acid has no respect for the authority of gravity (what does that mean? I don’t know) we call it sambo reflux. Often heartburn follows a good training session. I also suffer from something I call sambo amnesia. I have the hardest time remembering how we get to the ground even if I am the guy doing the throwing. Often I have to ask my training partner what just happened. Strange but like I said, fun.

Out came the navaja trainers. After a quick refresher on some basics we spent some time throwing a viaje or three. A viaje is a low line thrust to the belly, there are several different methods for doing this. We focused on a fully committed attack sometimes with a standard grip, some times with a Mediterranean grip(edge up). We also worked our cambios (hand switches)and switched from a viaje to a desjarretazo or ripping attack. We ended with a review of technique using the faja or sash, the finale being a bout using the faja and navaja in conjunction.

We then went over some of Dempsey’s basics for power generation, this time we applied them to elbow strikes…brutal! We also hit the shovel hook, both to the head and to the body. My favorite punch. Last we applied Dempsey’s mechanics to holding and hitting, the shoulder whirl is a thing of beauty.

Good session, felt good to get to hitting people again.

So what is happening in your training sessions? I really want to steal some of what you do.

Session 8-7-11

Just Chris and I today…
2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds boxing
1 round savate, I now have a huge knot on my shin:)

We then worked on our mechanics for the straight rear, specifically our weak side. Sticking close to Dempsey’s shoulder whirl mechanics.

Next we threw our jackets on for some light sambo work. Worked mainly in throws from standing side position plus did a review of some of the takedowns we had been working on.

On Wednesday Matt came out and we did…
2 rounds grip work
3 rounds sport sambo rules

Just for fun we played with the sabers, going over some of the cossack material we had been exposed to in the last couple of years.

Session 6-19

Chris, Justin, Matt and I today…

After spending last weekend doing lots of things I don’t normally work on, it was really nice to settle back into doing things I am good at:)

3 rounds shadow boxing
3 rounds boxing close quarters
3 rounds kick sparring

We had two pairs boxing in a small room, this makes for some interesting fights, just no room to move around resulting in a whole lot more action. Unpleasant but a good way to spar sometimes.

We then worked on some grappling and creating distance to strike while in the clinch.

We ended the session with some knife work using Renaud’s manual…mainly knife retention was our focus this time around.

Afterward we drank mead and visited the livestock…good session, next week, Combat Con!

Session 2-27-11

Must be something in the air because on Sunday, everyone canceled on me too!

So, like the others, I did a solo workout, first some going over messer material then 10 rounds of boxing training followed by mountain axe and navaja.

This brings us to Monday when Chris came out. This was an all boxing workout. Since Chris actively fights, I usually try to behave myself in sparring and emulate other fighters he may face but I was not having a very good day and getting the crap beat outta me so I went into a Mendoza style guard. He had seen this before but it put a halt on a lot of the things he was able to do and gave me a much needed break from getting punched in the head:) This lead to a basic reintroduction to Mendoza for him, a nice refresher for me as well.

Today Matt came out…
We started the session with the material for messer from the Glasgow fechtbuch. We went through all 11 plays therein. I actually almost ate one of our training messers. I will have a fat, fat lip for a while I think but will play safer next time.

3 rounds boxing
2 rounds savate

On with our jackets for sambo…today we worked the firemans or in Russian, the melnitsa. We did the firemans right into a hiplock.

We also worked a throw to an armbar combo from a Georgian belt grab. Also a mount escape into a heel hook.