Session 3-18-12

Chris, Matt and I today…

2 rounds shadow boxing
Mats were still out from last session so we jumped right into some sambo before boxing this week. We worked a four stage progression/series of hand attacks to the legs. The first three were a progression of failed attacks and the fourth was a variation. The first of these can be seen here:DRVpEdpbAmM Igor does them much better then we did.
We ended out grappling with some work on the combat glima high single.
2 rounds of boxing…able to slip a boxing glove over my slowly healing busted thumb. Six weeks later and it is stil pretty fat but overall pretty happy to get to throwing fists again.
Beautiful day so we headed outside and worked on the much neglected German Longsword after a short bit of training with the messer. Basic stance and attack work. Focusing on form and movement.
We ended the session with some Footpad and Cane style shillelagh work. Very simple style but still interesting. We went over all stick vs stick actions from the short text. Getting closer to bouting pure FaC style.

Session 3-11-12

A week late but here it is:)


Just Matt and I last Sunday.

2 round shadow boxing

5 rounds boxing and savate

1 round partnered footwork

1 round freestyle footwork


Combat Glima, basic drills and exercises. Hand is still messed up so just basic work for now.


Footpad and Cane style shillelagh work. We went over the entire short text bit by bit.  Will do more this week. I want to get where we can bout using this style only before mixing it with anything else.

Session 2-19-12

Just Matt and I today

My first training with a partner since breaking my thumb two weeks ago. Thumb still not usable but I am no longer in agony if I use my right hand for anything. Just have to wear a stabilizer cast for a while yet.
2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds boxing…I boxed one handed with my right hand behind my back. Got hit a lot and threw a lot of jabs and lead hooks/choppers.
1 rounds savate…felt better relying on my feet this round.
We then worked on a few Russian style kicks I had been playing with earlier in the week.
The golubets:
and the barrel kick:
I am a lumbering earthbound beast so these two kicks are a bit of a challenge but as long as I can’t punch with y right hand, it has been fun working on these.
We then worked on two take downs from a Russian 2 on 1 tie. Grappling was a bit iffy with the thumb as it is, so we were fairly brief.
Next up more Russian stuff…storm fighting drill. 10 second bursts of sparring with virtually no defense started from 10 different positions:
       1 standing face to face
        2 standing back to back
        3 kneeling face to face
        4 kneeling back to back
        5 sitting face to face
        6 sitting back to back
        7 lying head to head
        8 lying feet to feet
        9 lying side to side
      10 lying head to toe side by side
Many more variations possible but this was a good start…great great fun. Will be revisiting these again very soon.
We ended the session with some combat glima…basic work with a focus on catching the head and applying elbow blocks/blows as per the plates in Ling’s text.
Overall a good session, very glad to be able to do something given the state of my right hand.