Cold Steel Blackthorn

I had put of buying a Cold Steel poly blackthorn for quite some time. Mainly because I have enough sticks and adding another one was not a priority and especially adding one of man made materials. not that I am so traditional that I can’t give it a whirl but it took me a while to come around.

I bought it off of ebay for $33, new still in it’s original package.

The picture for it is a little deceiving. it looks pretty good int he pic as you would expect it to. Once in hand it was thick and too heavy IMO and I like heavy sticks.

The head was clearly a glued on piece and it did not look like it would stay on …basically this is meant as a walking stick and not a fighting stick. That is fine I suppose but for anyone reading this, i would suspect they are more interested in how this thing handles as a weapon.

So I took it out a rapped it against a 4×4 post, After only two hits it became clear that the glued on piece was not only a glued on piece but it had been coated to look like wood:

So not only was the grip too big and ungainly, it was coated to look like wood very thinly.

Back out I went to the post…20 whacks later (hard whacks mind you.) the glued on piece came off showing tha tit was held on by glued in pegs:

So if you are planning on getting this to walk with, fine, it could use a rubber tip on the bottom but other than that it should work but do not buy this to train with, not only is it too heavy but the idiotic looking head will pop off.

So I took a band saw and  a sander to the head area of the stick and reworked it a bit. This brought the weight down to a more reasonable level, still heavy but manageable. It is definitely not pretty but I think it can now be used for some training purposes and ok for carry.

So buy at your own risk. If you want to do a little work after it breaks, it does make a decent carry or possibly even a pell stick.

I apologize for the low picture quality in this post. Digital camera on the fritz so I had to use my phone. I wanted to get this posted quickly though just in case anyone else was taking the plunge.


Session 2-22-09

We were having power problems in our space today. Right away we blew a fuse, I replaced it. 10 minutes later we blew another….no more fuses and no store open in this metropolis to buy new ones…so we trained until it got too dark.

We went over some of the things we did last week end at the clinic…
cross grip podvhat or for those more japanically (yes I made that word up) inclined an uchi mata. We worked this from a cross grip and from a whizzer grip and did it a little different and low on the leg.
Also from this cross grip we worked a front body drop throw, a melnica or firemans and a leg sweep along with a belt grab into a Georgian pick up.
Onto par terre or groundwork….we worked on getting the armbar from the bottom then countering that armbar attempt with a nice leg lock flow that included a knee bar, a banana split and three different achilles crushes.
We then took out the entrenching tools and worked on flowing with them, and on a certain thrust with almost an epee grip from the Russian manual I got to see last week. We did some work against a knife using the e-tool and did some practice chopping/cutting against heavy wooden beams. Like I say almost every week…the more i play with this thing, the more i like it.
I had grand plans for doing a lot of different things this week but it just got too dark too fast and we called it a day after only an hour and a half.
So I have to save the navaja, shillelagh and pugilism for next week and still find time for at least one Broadsword league bout.