A few simple chokes using the shillelagh


Session 7-20-08

3 PM Chris showed up and we worked on throwing a feint straight to
get a reaction and commitment to defend then turning it into a wide or
narrow rounding blow on the same side and worked a double tap to hook
set up and a few rounds out of the corner.

At four Justin and Matt came (basically normal time) after two rds of
shadow boxing and 3 of sparring we worked on the same two concepts for
a while then did some ground work including chokes and setting up for
strikes on the ground…unfortunately (for training) I had a family
commitment so we had to end around 5:30.

On Monday the 21, Chris and Guv came over for about an hour in
grueling heat and I put them through a tough workout including three
rds of tough but limited sparring and two rds of fighting out of the
corner along with the usual footwork and drills for striking we do.

Once I noticed Chris had stopped sweating I made sure to end it and
tell him to get something to drink. These two guys really go
hard…they are both 19 and full of way too much energy for me to keep
up with.

Matt comes out tomorrow for sambo…I expect Justin either Wed or
Thursday night and Chris and Guv one more day during the week….no
rest for the wicked.