Session 11-27-11

We had a guest instructor this week…Randal Gustitis.

He first took us through some footwork from traditional Northern Russian Buza. This was some pretty active stuff and I decided to do it while holding a 50 lb weight. I am still paying for that. We also worked on some of the defensive hand motions but I really wanted to get some of the footwork ingrained so I can work on it here during solo training.
Here is a look at some Traditional Buza:

We ended the session going over some basics of sword and buckler in the German tradition. My knee was a bit tweaked so I sat out and watched this which turned out just fine. At time si can get more just by watching something like this.

We then went into the house for a nice meal of black bread and borscht. Guest instructors are always welcome and well fed:)


Recreational Violence VII After Action Report

Finally caught up on my sleep enough to post…

Great time this past weekend sharing, learning, getting together with old friends and making new ones. Let me just jump right into the classes.

James Klock first gave us Ringkunst or Medieval German Wrestling…fun class. James is a teacher by trade and it shows through in his ability to get an idea across plus he makes a wicked mead!

Josh Little then taught Obsessio & Schützen – Bringing the Gap in I.33. This was my first class ever with sword and buckler. I enjoyed much more than I thought I would and wish I would have looked into this earlier…much fun.

Next up Meyer’s Dussack with Randal Gustitis…nice class with about a years worth of information crammed into it. I just wish I was able to absorb all of it or at least more than I did. Some new insight gained regardless of how much I missed.

Next Blackwatch Tomahawk with Chris Thompson. Anti-pugilism manual performed with the hawk. Violent and to the point, just how i like it.

Kirk Lawson, Military saber to bowie. Kirk took us through three military saber manuals first with sword then with bowie. We got to see what translated well and what did not and what needed tweaked. Great idea for a class.

Last class for Saturday- Dan Kanagie took us through Paradosiakos Pagratio Kato…basically controlling our opponent on the ground and beating the crap out of him. What more could I ask for in a class?

Sunday’s classes were all one hour and there were fewer and we were thankful.

Jointlocks and Other Body Distortions with Randal Gustitis. Randal took the Buza he showed us last year and used it as an entry point for some interesting joint locks and body manipulations from ROSS. I have been working the Buza some this last year so it was nice to put it into action.

Meyer’s Rapier with John Enzinas. Both John and Craig Shackleton (who was assisting him) took us through some of the basics and a few plays from Meyer’s rapier section…like with the earlier I.33 class, i was surprised by how much I enjoyed this class.

Next up Close quarter knife with Tim Anderson. Just as it sounds…we were up close and personal working the knife in one of the most fun classes of the entire weekend. A few of us came out a little worse for wear but it was well worth it.

Last class was me teaching sambo. Since most of the people who were able to stay till the end were of the swordy variety, I decided to work mostly standing grappling at the jacket so it would be more useful to them. It was scheduled to be the first class of the weekend but I swapped out since a few people had to leave earlier than planned. I tried to tone it down but just by the nature it turned out to be fairly demanding but hopefully some people were able to take something home.

The weather was nice for a change and the alcohol consumption was up…but I think it was mostly due to my wife’s accelerated consumption. Our highland cattle made to break outs during the weekend. Chris Thompson and I caught her the first time but on Sunday it took, Randal, Chris, Craig and I quite some time to corral both cow and calf. I am sure a you tube clip should be showing up any tme now thanks to Mr Little.

Overall a good weekend, no injuries worse than a bruise,scratch or two, lot’s of new takes on things and more conversation than can be digested in a lifetime. of course we are already talking about next year.

Session 6-27-10

A run down of the week…

Thursday…Chris and Gov came out and we worked primarily on combination striking, kicks and punches. Started with a one-two combo then built from there. We also worked the three count cadence drill. We ended the session by taking the cadence drill from our striking and applying it with the mountain axe.

Friday, Chris and Gov again but this time we did some test cutting with the various sharp objects I have about my house. 2 liter bottles and milk jugs mostly…though my 7 and 11 year old daughters made quick work of the milk jugs with the boar spear. We ended by massacring two full slabs of pork ribs (freezer burnt). Much harder to cut than the chickens but still very telling.

Gov had to leave for work so Chris and I worked savate combinations for about 45 minutes after we washed the pork gore from our hands.

Sunday…brutally humid and hot.
Only Justin and I…

2 rounds shadow boxing
1 round boxing
1 round savate
1 round focus mitts
1 round cadence drill
2 rounds freestyle foot work

Good day for navaja! We worked mainly on foot work and changing our stances, grips and cambios. This time we also switched from a standard blade forward saber/epee grip to the ice pick grip while circling to deliver the desjarretazo, a thrust into the back/neck/kidney etc…. We also did some work feinting a thrust to the midsection and working off the opponents reaction.

We ended the session with a bit of work on the Buza, traditional fisticuffs from the Novgorod region mixed freely with dance or it is dance…confusing:) We worked the basic buzovka (whirling motion for power generations) then mixed in some of the kicks while still practicing the buzovka.

After all that movement we decided that only beer could quench out mighty thirsts so we sat out side in the garden and drank a nice cold one until the looming thunderstorm caused us to take shelter.

Session 5-23-10

Lots to report on this week…

Last Monday I had Chris and Guv out and we worked on some Russian style striking and tons of footwork followed by about a half hour of mountain axe work…just the basics, angles of attack, stances and such.

Thursday Chris and Guv again. This time we spent much of our time working on the uppercut and going through some variations plus lots of footwork. We ended with an introduction to singlestick using the Regimental Broadsword method.

Over the weekend Randal Gustitis was out and on Saturday he and I worked through some various things including broadsword and sabre using several manuals to pull from, Russian Buza a traditional method of fisticuffs and dance…really very interesting.

Sunday, Chris, Guv, Matt and Justin joined Randal and I for our main weekly session….

I turned it over to Randal as a guest instructor. First we went over the dagger section from Meyer in great detail. We spent about 3 hours on this. Then it was time for some Buza and Randal repeated the private lesson he gave me on Saturday, which is great at least for me as far as retention goes. He will be running the same classes again at the RV weekend less than a month away.

For a closer look at Buza go here: