Recreational Violence X AAR

Rec Vio 10 is in the books…quick run down:

Fist hip and shillelagh- Taught by me, a class combining stick, boxing and wrestling in the Irish tradition.
Broadsword and targe- taught by Chris Thompson, great class on targe(we ended up using bucklers) in conjunction with the Broadsword.
Agrippa- Taught by Randal Gustitis, really interesting class that got cut short once the lightning started. We went back to my house and finished up the class using bowie knives due to lack of space.
Bowie knife-  taught by Kirk Lawson. After the rain died down we ran through this class that was a surprise to Kirk:) But he did a great job.
WWI Bayonet- taught by Kirk Lawson, great fun class with nice rifle bayonet trainers alongside the real thing. Simple and easy to understand. just my sort of class.
Sparth Axe- Taught by Ken Pfrenger and Chris Thompson. Chris handled the history while I demoed the use of the big axe going through the 10 lessons as set forth by the Cateran Society.
CQC knife entries- Taught by Tim Anderson. Fun class with little int he way of actual technique instruction…we all have our own way of doing things, what he gave us were suggestions and ways to train. Nice stuff.
MacGregor’s bayonet and some combatives concepts-  Taught by Chris Thompson, quick run through MacGregor’s bayonet then some work on combatives for an upcoming project.
Zachary Wylde’s staff- taught by Randal Gustitis, simple but interesting system of staff play from 1711.
Numbers way down this year. We may change location and take this on the road to Dayton next year. Or still hold it here and do a second event in Dayton in the fall. Still in the works.
s always the social aspect of events like this were very important, seeing old friends, making new ones and sharing food drink and martial arts make this sort of thing the highlight of my year.
I want to thank all that were able to make it out to teach and learn and thank those who tired to make it but came up a bit short.There is always next year or the year after that.

Recreational Violence VII After Action Report

Finally caught up on my sleep enough to post…

Great time this past weekend sharing, learning, getting together with old friends and making new ones. Let me just jump right into the classes.

James Klock first gave us Ringkunst or Medieval German Wrestling…fun class. James is a teacher by trade and it shows through in his ability to get an idea across plus he makes a wicked mead!

Josh Little then taught Obsessio & Schützen – Bringing the Gap in I.33. This was my first class ever with sword and buckler. I enjoyed much more than I thought I would and wish I would have looked into this earlier…much fun.

Next up Meyer’s Dussack with Randal Gustitis…nice class with about a years worth of information crammed into it. I just wish I was able to absorb all of it or at least more than I did. Some new insight gained regardless of how much I missed.

Next Blackwatch Tomahawk with Chris Thompson. Anti-pugilism manual performed with the hawk. Violent and to the point, just how i like it.

Kirk Lawson, Military saber to bowie. Kirk took us through three military saber manuals first with sword then with bowie. We got to see what translated well and what did not and what needed tweaked. Great idea for a class.

Last class for Saturday- Dan Kanagie took us through Paradosiakos Pagratio Kato…basically controlling our opponent on the ground and beating the crap out of him. What more could I ask for in a class?

Sunday’s classes were all one hour and there were fewer and we were thankful.

Jointlocks and Other Body Distortions with Randal Gustitis. Randal took the Buza he showed us last year and used it as an entry point for some interesting joint locks and body manipulations from ROSS. I have been working the Buza some this last year so it was nice to put it into action.

Meyer’s Rapier with John Enzinas. Both John and Craig Shackleton (who was assisting him) took us through some of the basics and a few plays from Meyer’s rapier section…like with the earlier I.33 class, i was surprised by how much I enjoyed this class.

Next up Close quarter knife with Tim Anderson. Just as it sounds…we were up close and personal working the knife in one of the most fun classes of the entire weekend. A few of us came out a little worse for wear but it was well worth it.

Last class was me teaching sambo. Since most of the people who were able to stay till the end were of the swordy variety, I decided to work mostly standing grappling at the jacket so it would be more useful to them. It was scheduled to be the first class of the weekend but I swapped out since a few people had to leave earlier than planned. I tried to tone it down but just by the nature it turned out to be fairly demanding but hopefully some people were able to take something home.

The weather was nice for a change and the alcohol consumption was up…but I think it was mostly due to my wife’s accelerated consumption. Our highland cattle made to break outs during the weekend. Chris Thompson and I caught her the first time but on Sunday it took, Randal, Chris, Craig and I quite some time to corral both cow and calf. I am sure a you tube clip should be showing up any tme now thanks to Mr Little.

Overall a good weekend, no injuries worse than a bruise,scratch or two, lot’s of new takes on things and more conversation than can be digested in a lifetime. of course we are already talking about next year.

Session 9-26-10

Matt, Chris and I today…

Chris has a grappling tournament in a few weeks so he requested that we spend some extra time on sambo this week; we jumped right into sambo and worked a number of basic throws, back trips in two variations, sambo single leg, sitting throw, and a few more. I got to play coach and Matt and Chris did most of the work for this segment…that is ok cause I had two teeth pulled on Monday and I still was not up to rolling around.

After the sambo Chris had to leave to study for an exam. So I broke out the sashes and Matt and I worked on the navaja in conjunction with the sash. After about a half hour of going over the actions it was time for bouting. We have three bouts both using the sash and blade in unison…very very fun stuff! We spent about a half hour more going over some grip changes and basic attacks and defenses.

On Friday, Chris was out and we did some boxing…after two rounds I realized I was in no shape to box. Only four days after the dentist, getting punched in the head felt more like getting a crowbar in the face. We wisely chose to do some sambo instead.

Session 3-1-09

A brutally cold one today for some reason. The indoor temp read to be 30 but the wind seemed to be coming from a slightly different direction than normal and was just ripping though the cracks in the walls. We kept a stack of gloves set on a space heater and swapped our cold ones for warm ones every half hour or so. I decided to give my busted finger a bit more time to recover so we skipped all grappling today. We started with some work with figure 8’s used in the Russian method of casting punches, throwing combinations which included hooks, uppercuts, hammer fists and elbows, Moistly done in the air but with a few select combos done on the focus mitts. We then pulled out the sabers and took a look at how similar some of these combinations were to the Cossack saber drills we had done in the past with Randal Gustitis. Next up…..navaja. We went over the jiro, contra jiro and recortes from the MdB, then did some thrust for thrust drills, cutting the arm and returning the thrust in four variations. We reviewed our adaptation of a Garrote Larense drill for knife play and got fairly dizzy in the process. We even reviewed a cutting patter using the hawk and bowie. We ended the day with some singlestick…after some general work Matt and I had a bout for the broadsword League which he won 5 to 4. And the best part…before we got started we warmed up with some Russian blueberry nalivka.  Make your own…it is incredible! Nothing like starting your session with hard liqueur!


Session 12-7-08

Four of us today…Chris came back after recovering from an injury.

It was a cold one with the temp reading 27 F in our training area.

We threw our kurtkas on for warmth. An extra layer just can’t hurt in this weather.

We started with some work setting up leg take downs by going for one then switching to the other. Rather than technique I tried to get across the ploy…not sure if I succeeded or not. Hard to grapple wearing winter gloves. Matt threw me and his glove got stuck under my belt and I took it to the ground with me.

Next up lots of big knife drilling. We tried to focus parrying with the spine of the big knife in this session and almost everything we did had this as it’s main theme. We did three different back and forth partnered drills. They seem to be getting a little easier now that we have been working more blade theory.
008I am pretty up on the entrenching shovel lately and Justin brought his new one so….we did a little e-tool against knife and then against bayonet, lots of fun.

We somehow managed with Chris’s urging to go into boxing for a bit. We stuck mainly with this combination…straight lead, straight rear (thrown thumb down to split the space between the opponents gloves or fists) followed by a lead inverted hook then a big big rear inverted hook…rinse, lather, repeat.

We ended the session with mountain axe working against a thrust to the face following the parry with a butt strike then a cut. We also worked against a swing by knocking the incoming axe to the side and delivering a strike with the pole end of the axe, be it spiked or just plain metal…either way very strong. We followed up with a strong chop and a thrust for good measure.

Session 11-30-08

The thermometer read 35 in the LOD today but it seemed a litte warmer, either that or we are getting used to the cold.

Three of us today…we had a part timer show up as well but mostly just for a social visit and he left early.

Started with sambo…
1 rd warm ups
2 rds off balancing grip work
1 rd ground engagements
We worked on two throws…a split throw and a cross grab sacrifice throw from both sides.
2 rds free style sambo.
At one point during a match with Justin I accidently kneed him in the groin…a few seconds later his elbow found my groin….good times! Gotta start wearing that cup!


We ended with some stretching…Matt’s back was bothering him so we cut out a bit earlier than normal.