David, Jo, Jason, and I today…

2 rounds shadowboxing
2 rounds boxing
1 round savate
2 rounds focus gloves

We then worked on displacement before throwing the fouette in savate…one two straight punch combo followed by displacement fouette or displacement fouette, chasse or just displacement chasse.

Next out came the navaja trainers. We worked on a simple counter cut defense to a straight thrust and also defesne against having your knife hand grabbed.

We finished hte session with David working with Jo on some boxing and Jason and I doing some tomahawk (David also joined in here). Basic cutting pattern,g rips and a whole lot of talk and work about binding, getting stuck and what to do about it.

On Saturday Matt and I worked on some tomahawk (will this be the summer of the hawk?) Shillelagh in the style of Footpad and the Cane as well as three takedowns to go along with pugilism,


Session 5-5-13

We had a session on Wed…David, Gary, Jason and I:
shadow boxing
rounds of boxing and savate plus an introduction to knees. We ended the Wed session with a reintro into Footpad and Cane style shillelagh work.

On Sunday, Chris, Gary, Jason and I:
2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds boxing
1 round savate
Chris then took us through some nice work clinching and against the wall.
We then went through the 9 offensive stick actions with the shillelagh from Footpad and the Cane.

We ended the session with some work using the sparth axe…basic wards and a few defenses from common attacks. Sparth axe is a summer weapon since it is so large, nice to get swinging it again…I am reminded why Galloglass we all big guys.


Session 8-19-12

Just Chris and I this week…
We went over a few things from Rec Violence such as the slungshot material and some of the Shiner style Irish stick to start the session.
2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds boxing
1 round savate
1 round partnered footwork
We then worked on a lead shoulder feint into a side step uppercut of shovel hook to the body. Also a jab, hammer fist to the ribs, hook to the head. We finished up the striking with some work on the jab/jolt including more feinting and a few methods for power generation and how and when to use them.
Next up we threw on our kurtka and worked on sambo…just a few things including the material in this video:
And the Perednyaya podnozhka. Which will be familiar to some as a Tai Otoshi or front body drop. (Kirk, do not try this at home).
Chris then brought in his asp and knife from his belt (new LEO) and we went over a few things including a few striking patterns and the bastoncello as taught by Allen Reed this year at Rec Violence. We looked at his knife, a strange forward curved blade that looked somewhat like a cross between a push dagger and a carpet knife. So how best to use this?
Well I just cleaned out a freezer and found a nice big freezer burnt pork loin that was just screaming to be slash and cut apart, so out we went with some cord to hand it with, Chris’s knife and my semi-new gaucho knife.
Definitely using the short curved knife in the manner of le couteau as discussed by Renaud…a more of a boxing approach. The Gaucho style punal cut like a dream…super thin and sharp blade. It is headed right for my kitchen:)
As a final kicker for our session, Chris and I moved a clawfoot tub for my wife.

Session 4-15-12

After missing last weeks session due to Easter and having the flu this week, it was really great to get moving again today.

Just Matt and I this time around.
2 rounds shadow boxing
3 rounds boxing 4 oz glove and headgear
1 round kickfighting
1 round savate
1 round stormfighting (10 second intense intervals)
On with the jackets for sambo….
1 round grip work.
30 minutes or so working into and from the Georgian grip.
2 rounds of freestyle sambo.
1st live grappling in 10 weeks. My thumb is still screwy but hurts much less than even just last week.
We pulled out the longswords and did a little work on absetzen then some easy bouting trying to work this concept in.
We ended the session with 2 bouts of Footpad and Cane style Irish stick work.

Session 4-1-12

Super tardy posting this week. Thumb injury 8 weeks out…still pretty swollen and messed up. I am predicting that it will remain so forever.

2 rounds shadow boxing
1 round fisticuff drills on the focus gloves
2 rounds boxing
Onward to sambo, no jackets today. The over and under or 50/50 position was our focus today. From this close grip we worked several throws, most pretty high percentage. The ones that stood out were the lateral drop (pretty much the same as a wrestler would do), the drop arm throw and the outside pdvhat(rising foot throw much like Japanese Uchi Mata). Here is a clip of Vadim Kolganov doing a few of these: uT3a6Evg1VA
We finished up the session with each of us having four bouts in the Footpad and Cane style of shillelagh work…there was some mixing with our standard shillelagh method but for the most part we stuck to this more thrust oriented Combative form. This was out first bouting using this method and I have to say that for a first outing it went well. The style and some of it’s particular methods we recognizable with some clear distinct technique being used. Will have to do this again next week.
So what are you folks doing out there? I am genuinely interested…I can’t steal your stuff if you keep it to yourselves.

Session 3-25-12

Chris, Matt and I today…

2 round shadow boxing
Gave my thumb a rest from pugilism this week and went right into some sambo.
First thing we worked on was an ankle pick from an epaulette grip:
You tube is a great learning and sharing tool.
We also went over our hand to leg attack series and Russian tie series.
Chris the took us through three wrestling take downs from a one handed neck tie up. We hit a little neck crank and well.
Since there has been some interest, we picked up where we left off last week on German longsword discussing wrestling and kicking in relation to the sword and working on krumphau this week. Likely we will do a short session of ringen next week along with more sword.

We ended this weeks session with the Footpad and Cane material again. Very simple attack and defense with an interesting striking exercise thrown in for good measure. I thi k next week we will begin some light bouting in this style.

Session 3-18-12

Chris, Matt and I today…

2 rounds shadow boxing
Mats were still out from last session so we jumped right into some sambo before boxing this week. We worked a four stage progression/series of hand attacks to the legs. The first three were a progression of failed attacks and the fourth was a variation. The first of these can be seen here:DRVpEdpbAmM Igor does them much better then we did.
We ended out grappling with some work on the combat glima high single.
2 rounds of boxing…able to slip a boxing glove over my slowly healing busted thumb. Six weeks later and it is stil pretty fat but overall pretty happy to get to throwing fists again.
Beautiful day so we headed outside and worked on the much neglected German Longsword after a short bit of training with the messer. Basic stance and attack work. Focusing on form and movement.
We ended the session with some Footpad and Cane style shillelagh work. Very simple style but still interesting. We went over all stick vs stick actions from the short text. Getting closer to bouting pure FaC style.

Session 1-15-12

Only Matt and I today.

2 rounds of shadow boxing
4 rounds boxing
1 round kickfighting(no punches just kicks…great fun!)
On with the jackets for the much neglected sambo..
2 rounds grip work
1 round combat glima blocking drill
1 round combat glima headhold take down drill
2 rounds freestyle sambo
We ended the session with some work on the footpad and the cane text again. Drilling the attacks and defensive movements then limited bouting using only the methods described in the article. Flank guard with the lower part of the stick directly followed by a face thrust proved to be the winner of the most interesting thing we did today. Very simple system but really a pretty complete method for defending oneself with a shillelagh. It seems that the FaC text might fit well with the Cunningham method, will be looking at that during the week to try out next Sunday.
Highlights of the session…me dropping Matt with a left fouette to the solar plexus and Matt throwing me for a Total Victory in sambo. If he had not stopped to admire his handywork he would have cinched up that armbar as well.

Measuring the grip from the FaC article. Heavy end near elbow, ferrule end out the top of the hand…backwards!

Session 12-4-11

Just Matt and I today…

We reviewed some of the material that Randal showed us last week
before our normal routine. We spent most of our time on the turning
actions from the buza footwork we did…whizzer, turn then uppercut.

2 rounds shadow boxing
3 rounds boxing
1 round savate

We then did some Russian fisticuff drills:

We also worked through a couple of the stick grab moves from the
Footpad and the Cane article:

Next up, something new….Combat Glima! We wen through a basic warm
up, then all the way through lesson 3. You can find more about this on
the Facebook group Combat Glima:
Awesome plates from an 1830’s manual as well as some great video
clips. Worth checking out if you are already on FB.
Here is a link to the Combat Glima videos:

Lastly we threw on our kurtka and worked a few foot sweeps.

What’s happening in your training?

Session 11-20-11

Chris, Matt and I today…

2 rounds shadowboxing
2 rounds three count cadence drill with gloves and head gear worn.
2 rounds boxing
2 rounds partnered footwork

On with the jackets for some sambo…
We each did two rounds of grip work and since we were in a gripping state of mind followed that with some work on breaking grips on the jacket and gaining a belt grip, either side over the back.

We then worked a cross lapel grab series…left hand to left lapel for a Podvhat (rising leg) throw, a ski lift of if all else fails a melnitsa(firemans) into a hip lock.


Out came the shillelaghs for a bit more work with the Footpad and the Cane text. A general review of what we did last week.for starters then we got into some specifics on the upward and straight cross stick strikes. Worked on the idea of a ready stance based on the info in the text as well as tried out some defenses listed from various attitudes.

We finished up the session with some Spanish knife work. First some basic stance and footwork then onto cambio with a focus on switching from a saber grip in the right hand to a ice pick grip in the left. We finished with the Sevellian Star.