NEOHEMAS Session 2-21-16

Cain, Chris and I today…

Today our focus was on being elusive in our striking game, not
standing in front of our opponents, toe to toe was not on the menu
after the third round of boxing training.

2 rounds shadow boxing
1 round boxing sparring standard footwork
4 rounds  one side attacks, one side defends only boxing using very
active footwork as the main means of defense
2 rounds focus glove drills of hitting on the move
2 rounds of sidestepping and slingshot stepping attacks, again with
massively active footwork.\
1 round boxing sparring again with everything we had worked on thrown in.

By the end of our striking session guys were getting hit less and
moving around considerably more. Internalizing the movement and
hitting on the move will take a bit of work but likely worth it in the
long run.

Next up some grappling, Cain is fairly new to this so we have been
doing some simple stand up grappling, a few take downs and flowing
from hold to hold to start and get a good feel for the material.

We grabbed out training knives for some navaja and general knife work.
Staring with defending against a midline thrust to some spirited
bouting at the end of our session.



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