NEOHEMAS Session 1-31-16

Cain, Chris and I today…unseasonably warm today but no complaints.

2 rounds shadow boxing

2 rounds 3 count cadence drill

2 rounds Dutch drill

2 rounds wall drill

3 rounds focus gloves

Review of shovel hook mechanics and when to use them…shovel hooks to the body and head. Always a favorite topic of mine, so pretty happy when someone brings it up in a training session. We also worked dealing with hooks with both a shoulder stop>>strikes and Russian Method 3>>strikes.

We ended our striking with some more work on Greek and Roman pugilism. This was Cain’s first look at ancient boxing so we went over basic stance and strikes. We continued working on a few simple combinations and countering a single leg by passing back and hammerfisting to the back or side of the head.


Last up was going over the complete Lamb method for police baton. We covered the Long Step Back and all 7 Phases along with a quick review of our own short stick striking method.




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