NEOHEMAS Session 11-29-15


12-coup-de-pied-basChris, Brian and I today…

2 rounds shadow boxing
3 rounds focus gloves with Chris
Brian is new so we spent a good long time going over some triking
fundamentals and basics with Chris doing most of the teaching. Since I
am recovering from a nice bout of Thanksgiving influenza, this was a
nice break for me. It also gave Chris the chance to get some coaching
in with a little input.

We worked the straight lead with falling step and straight rear with
shoulder whirl and the lead hook using the same mechanics. He got all
these fairly well and was throwing nice combinations after just a bit
of work on the pads.

Since he was learning so well we dumped some savate on him, working
the lead and rear leg fouette, the chasse and coup de pied bas. Added
to that a healthy dose of footwork.

We ended the session with some time spent on the huge segno I have
drawn on the wall and using it as a guide for attack and defense with
a number of weapons.


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