NEOHEMAS Session 11-15-15

Chris, Jeff and I today…

2 rounds shadow boxing
8 rounds boxing and kickboxing sparring with some coaching along the way

We worked on some combination throwing as usual in our sparring and after, not enough to land, gotta land bunches! This was also Jeff’s first time using the 4 oz gloves, they take some getting used to if you are using the larger training gloves, different in both attack and defense and so much easier to see what’s going on but definitely more painful.

We then hit on a few combat sambo concepts, first control the outside of your opponents upper arm to open them up for strikes and take downs, single legs, doubles and leg hooks. We then hit one simple throw from the clinch but Jeff is just too damn heavy to use it on…so we need to keep that in mind.

We finished the session with some gladitorial combat, Retarius(trident and net) vs Secutor(gladius and large shield) and Thraex(curved sword or sica and small shield) vs Myrmillo(gladius and large shield)…as always, way too much fun. Really hard to overcome the reach and power of the trident. The equipment of the various armatura really balance things out, more so in real combat ( imagine) than training.



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