NEOHEMAS Session 7-23-15

Back to regular training after an extended break….

Sunday Chris and I…
focus gloves
Navaja material review using a board as a pell…some much comes ot light when you are cutting hard against resistance.

Gladiator material to end the session with a focus on the Retaius (the guy with the trident and net:))

Today it was Cain and I…
Shadow boxing and focus gloves followed by some power generation ala Dempsey. First time we got to go over this, his punches were already pretty good, now they are much better with some room for improvement. Will hit like a truck soon enough!

On with the jackets for a little sambo…sambo single leg takedown and some ankle locks.

We ended the session with a wee bit of shillelagh work. More next time for sure.



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