NEOHEMAS Session 12-13-14

Saturday session with the Cleveland bunch coming out. Evelyn, Louis,
O’Reilly, Talbot and I.

We started out this week with German Longsword…again basic stances,
wards and meisterhau. A new guy this week so it never hurts to repeat
what we did last week as a strong review to those who were there. We
then moved onto countering some of the wards with certain cuts. After
about 45 mins we went inside to warm up and work on some navaja.

Again since we had a new person the basics of Spanish knifeplay were
repeated again, basic stance work including the Sevillian, Navaresse
and Baretero. We did some two person drilling defending and countering
a midline thrust and even brought out the sash for a quick explanation
and demo of what we will be working on with it.



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