NEOHEMAS Session 12-6-14


Relatively new member, Louis brought two of his Cleveland friends,
O’Reilly and Evelyn, with his for this session. Since Louis’s main
interest is longsword, that is where we started. We went over the four
stances and five master cuts from the German tradition, spending no
more than 30 minutes on this since it was a wee too cold outside to do
much more.
IMG_4361Saturdays crew.
We then went inside and did a solid hour and a half’s work with the
navaja, going over grips, basic stances, movement and basic attacks,
ending with a little jiro work. The two newcomers seemed to take to
the navaja fairly well, hopefully they will be back for more. As
always being way out here in the boonies, it is hard tog et people to
travel this far to train. I am truly lucky I have any training
partners at all.


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