NEOHEMAS Session 11-16-14

Chris, David, Jason and I today…

Nice and cold in our training area today…not too cold, water remained in it’s liquid state.
2 rounds shadow boxing
3 rounds focus pads
4 rounds boxing
2 rounds kickboxing
1 round kick pads

We then did some work on keeping our jabs crisp, proper and made sure our form was in line with what we have been working towards.

Really strong rounds of both boxing and kickboxing from Chris. Probably the best I have seen from him. The rounds I sparred with him were rough with me playing defense almost the entire time. Against my orthodox stance he is winning the fight to the outside that the southpaw has to do to keep an advantage. It was really all I could do to keep my head on my shoulders. He has been training with me for over 8 years now and has grown tremendously as a fighter over that span of time.

Also props to David for taking some serious abuse during the sparring and sticking with it. We normally don’t go as hard as we did in this session but David kept himself in the rounds despite the experience disadvantage he has.


We did not do any knife or weapons in this session so Jason was stuck being assistant coach and holding pads and lending an extra set of eyes ot what we were doing while sparring.


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