NEOHEMAS Session 11-9-14

Chris, David, Gary, Jason, Louis and I today…

Started a bit early with Louis and did about 45 minutes of German Longsword. Everyone else showed and we went inside for our striking.
2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds focus gloves
Many rounds of sparring, too many to keep track of. Chris got in six straight round in prep for his fight, Gary and David had the most awesome round of brother vs brother boxing and Louis got his feet wet with everyone outweighing him by at least 35 lbs. My back was acting up so I only sparred one round (I actually felt much better after the training session, still sore but I could move.)

We then worked on an upper cut counter to a straight lead when fighting someone in a mirror stance. David then took Louis and worked the pads with him and Chris took Gary aside and worked a real nice punching combo to take advantage of Gary’s speed.

We then broke out the navajas and went over grip and stance work. We ent over the mechanics of the Arbeque and viaje working a defense of parrying a thrust to the face and following up with a viaje.

Louis staying a little longer than the rest and we worked with both the Carpathian mountain axe and the sparth axe for about a half hour.

Last Wednesday, Chris I trained for about two hours, sparring, pad and mit work and well as ending our session with some more tomahawk work working heavily with the segno.



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