Just Chris and i today…still on track for his K-1 Rules fight in November…
2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds focus pads
2 rounds Thai pads
2 rounds boxing
2 rounds kickboxing

We then went over a few things as far as game planning and worked a few specific kicks…lead leg fouette to the outside lowline (opponent is orthodox and stays in that stance. Chris is a southpaw), lead left chasse to the midline.

Since his opponent is a right hander, I have been forcing myself to not switch stances during our sparring rounds, very tough for me to do but worth the effort I think…getting a bit beat up though.

We ended the session with about a half hours work on tomahawk. Chris showed up with a nice Smith&Wesson Extraction and Evasion tactical spike hawk. Really heavy at almost 3 lbs but with a lot of the weight int hhe handle it moves fairly well and does not seem to be too head heavy. I have a few spike hawks as well even though I prefer the safety of not having a spike pointed at me:) We went over drawing methods and grip as well as simple parrying with the flat of the blade and cutting patterns to practice.


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