Recreational Violence 2014

BJJ Contemplations

As much as I love BJJ, sometimes I need to stratch out and try something else. Thus is was that last weekend I drove to Dayton for Recrational Violence 2014, an all day series of classes for practitioners of Western martial arts.

The instructors were an eclectic bunch. Kirk Lawson studies classic pugilism, Bowie knife, Tomahawk, Bata (Irish stick), Military sabre, Bartitisu, and holds black belts in Judo and Aikido. Ken Pfrenger practices Boxing, Wrestling, Sombo and a variety of historical European stick and knife systems. Randal Gustitis has a martial arts bio long enough to make its own blog post, but his expertise ranges from Eastern arts such as Yang style Taijiquan and Pencak Silat Tanjung Sari to Western arts such as Jogo do Pau do Ilha Terceira and Highland broadsword and a whole bunch of other arts besides. Tim Anderson practices the AMOK! knife system and has a…

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