NEOHEMAS Session 10-12-14

Just Chris and I today…

He has a kickboxing fight in mid November so our focus is on boxing, Muay Thai and savate until then. Working on a nice blend of the three. Before I threw myself headlong into the European material, I had a good bit of Thai boxing experience, no reason not to tap into it since knees are legal in this up coming competition.

2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds focus mitts
2 rounds Thai pads
4 rounds kickboxing

We are definitely going for a more savate approach than Thai for this fight. Will be interesting to see how this works out.

Having my fair share of computer problems this past month so extra lazy about training reports. Last weekend Was the first installment of Recreational VIolence I\in Dayton Ohio. We held a one day event at a fine schooled, S.W.O.R.D. Kirk Lawson, Tim Anderson, Randal Gustitis and I took an enthusiastic group through a ful days training in several subjects. Good event overall, looking forward to doing it again.


4 Responses

  1. What sort of modifications do you have to make to the Savate material to compensate for not wearing shoes?

    • Hi Tony, for the savate sidekick, the chasse, there is not a problem but the round kick does suffer from not having the shoe. We are hitting mostly with the instep but also pulling the toes back to hit with the ball of the foot on some targets.

      • What about the coup de pied bas? Swinging the side of the foot into an opponents shin doesn’t seem like a good option without the shoes. I suppose you could turn it into cross-stomp to the knee, but I’m not sure if that’s considered a different technique in Savate – the body dynamics are rather different.

      • The rules forbid frontal attacks to the knee or lower so we have just tossed the CdP out for this one. Still for my own knee safety I tend to hit with much less the edge and more the bottom of my foot even with shoes. I once dislocated my kneecap while throwing this kick and landing with too much edge of foot…been squirelly about it ever since.

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