NEOHEMAS Session 1-19-14

Chris, Gary, Jason and I today…

Jason brought a heater with him today so we did not freeze.

2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds boxing  (3 fo Chris)
2 rounds focus gloves
2 rounds partnered footwork.
We then worked on refining technique, straight lead and straight rear combo. Getting our internal body timing down and working a drop step on the straight rear. These guys are killing the pads! So much power and contril, makes me really proud to see them doing so well. We are really hoping that Chris’s opponent on Feb 8th chooses to stand with him:)
Next up a sambo takedown called the cuban followed by a choke submission or a rolling kneebar. Choke much higher percentage I think but the kneebar is hellishly fun.
Here is a vid of Gary hitting the cuban on his brother David at last weeks sambo clinic:
We ended the session with some Spanish knife. We worked two flourishes and some simple flow drills using the back cut/fore cut and thrust.

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