NEOHEMAS session 10-20-13

A little late in posting this week, just been busy.

Chris, David, Gary, Jason and I today…Jason still out with bum knee, Gary out with concussion(football).
2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds savate sparring, no headgear 4 oz gloves and mouthpieces only.
1 round focus glove
3 rounds footwork, both partnered and freestyle solo.
We then worked on not telegraphing our kicks, focusing on lead leg attacks.
For some reason I forgot it was officially leglocktober and we did not do any leglocks.
We ended the session going through the entire spear section from Fiore…pretty simple but very fun. Always in search of good indoor winter weapons to play with, more room to thrust with a spear than swing a sword inside our small training area.

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