NEOHEMAS session 10-14-13

Chris, Gary, Jason and I today….

2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds savate with no safety equip. just good control
Russian fisticuff drill called anvils…with a name like that you can surely expect some bruising:)
Grappling up next. Last week we worked a sambo takedown called the Cuban, this week we worked on a variation of this. The Cuban is an inside leg trip, from this we did a rolling inverted kneebar.
This lead to getting the same sub from a half guard position as well. This all fell in line with out Leglocktober theme.
Wrestling season coming up for Gary so we wanted tog et him some mat time…Chris took Gary through three rounds of coached grappling.
We ended our session historical…for a change we went through the first three masters of Fiore’s spear. It has been years but still as fun as I remembered it. Last up was a review of our progress in Von Auerswald’s 1539 Ringer Kunst manual.

fiore spear 1200px-Auerswald_7


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