NEOHEMAS training session 7-21-13

On Wed, David, Gary and I had a super humid training session.

2 rounds shadow boxing
sweat was pouring so I decided it was a better day for training technique than rolling and boxing.
My plan was to cover 7 leglocks but that extended into 9, then 12 and then eventually 15. After we went through them and how to get into them I remembered 3 more that I had missed but since by that time everyones ankles and legs were sore, I was merciful and saved them for another day.
On Sunday, Chris, Cody, Gary, and I…
1 rounds shadow box
1 rounds shadow box, only straight punches.
1 rounds focus gloves straight lead and rear in 2 or 3 punch combinations only.
1 round boxing, straight lead only, to the head and the body
2 rounds boxing straight lead and straight rear, heady and body only.
Only 1 nose was bloodied:)
As you can see we had a focus on straights this wee and plan on doing the same next week.
We then did a quick review of some of the leglocks and a few other concepts of ground work. Chris then took Cody and Gary each through two 5 minutes rounds of rolling live. We finished with some defensive work against kicks.

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