NEOHEMAS Session 7-7-13

First off…last Tuesday we had a short session with Chris, Gary, Jason and I. Shadowboxing, focus mitts and prep for the Sambo nationals in August.

Sunday, full house…Chris, David, Cody (new guy), Gary, Jason, Matt and I.
Started with 2 rounds of shadow boxing followed by some work with the focus pads including the new guy and I going off to the side to work on some simple beginning boxing, very athletic young man, picks up well. We then geared up for some boxing. Some real good stuff with Chris giving everyone more than enough trouble as usual. Chris and I ended the sparring session with a very hard round of kickboxing/savate.
We then went right into some sambo with work on the floating throw and the drop shoulder not the seoi nage from judo but a different one from the 50/50 tie up position. Chris then put everyone through a very hard ground workout, lots of shots, throws and live rolling.
Again no weapon work. Time just flies and to be honest the empty hand stuff is more important to us as a group. Our 2 hour session has already evolved into a 3 hour one. Just need to find the time to fit things in.

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