Session 6-23-13

Totally forgot to post last weeks report…Just Chris and I…shadowboxing, focus gloves and 3 count drill done full contact…pretty intense.

Jason and I attempted to get together on Wed but ended up drinking beer instead:)

On Sunday it was Jason, David a new guy and I. Much of Sunday’s session was spent on smithing. I imparted my limited wisdom and experience to the two young guys who want to get into it. We then collected the scattered coal from my property (Old railroad land, just completely littered with chunks of coal) I left the youngsters to gather coal and went in to work some navaja with Jason. We covered to ruses, one tot he inside and one out as well as the viaje (a thrust with a passing step, very powerful and covers a good bit of distance).

Just after we worked on these concepts the other guys rejoined us after their quest for coal was complete. Gearing up we let Jason use his new found ruses against unsuspecting opponents.

We then worked two throws and ended the session with some good hard boxing.



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