Session 4-28-13

Chris, David, Gary, Jason and I today.
Started out with just Chris and I for about a half hour. I fed focus gloves for most of that time. Been more than a little sick over the past week. Was pretty much out of gas when the others showed up.
2 rounds shadow boxing for warm up.
After a discussing of injuries we went over the range of motion exercises from head to toe followed by the bio-energy exercises for power generation in Russian style fisticuffs…this consists of figure eight or wave/casting motions if that makes more sense. We hit the pads a bit using these methods and realizing that we were already using some of these methods.
We worked a combo straigh lead, straight rear with a step to the outside followed by a rear leg fouette, the step was the important part here, getting you out of the way of incoming punches while allowing you to land your kick with a little more distance and safety.
Gary and David had a nice brotherly round of boxing then Chris did a round with each of them.

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