2013 Ohio State Sombo Championships AAR

Early Saturday morning David, Gary, Jason and I headed down to Jamestown Ohio for 2013 Ohio State Sombo Championships.
My plan was to compete but upon arriving there was a serious lack of old dues so I decided not to do take part, they offered me an exhibition bout but I really did not understand what that meant fully…I now wish I would have done that but at least now I know what that entails.
Both Gary and David took part. The turnout was not all that great so there was not a lot of competition but they did get a decent amount of mat time. Both won and lost and learned a great deal. Each managed to win by submission with Gary pulling off a nice armbar on a heavier experienced opponent and David hitting a top wrist lock (Americana for you JJ folks) on a heavier more experienced sambist.
Both Gary and David won first place in their divisions…not heavily contested mind you but still a great showing for their first time out. If all goes well we will be going to the KY State Sombo, Greco Roman, Freestyle/Folkstyle Champion ships in mid April. I will also be compete this next time around…even if just in exhibition matches.
David goes for armbar

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