Session 3-10-13

First off, missed last weeks reports. David, Gary and I worked boxing and sambo in a fairly short session.
This week:
Chris, David, Gary , Jason and I.
2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds focus gloves
Boxing focus this week,,,lead uppercut to lead hook.
We also worked some kicks this time around, mainly the difference between a Thai round kick and a savate fouette.
3 rounds footwork drill
We have the Ohio State Sambo championship next Saturday so we threw on the jackets and dug right into our grappling. Still one handed, Chris coached us through some ground work including a few sweeps. Our takedown this week was the inside leg hook. We also worked some on the scissor takedown
2 rounds of grip work
2 rounds sport sambo
Our plan is to get together two more times this week for final sambo prep.

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