Session 2-24-13

Chris, Gary, David, Jason and I today…
Chris had an injured arm so we worked around that for quite a bit today. He is going to be down for a while healing os we will do our best to make sure we hit lots of footwork, knife and some stick so he can take part.
2 rounds of shadow boxing
2 rounds focus gloves
We then did some work throwing the lead hook with a diagonal step…very aggressive in gaining distance.
Some work on savate combinations and feints with kicks.
3 rounds partnered footwork.
On with the kurtki…
some basic grip breaks followed by two short rounds of grip and balance work
4 rounds of coached sport sambo. Chris may not be able to grapple right now but he really helped coach us through these bouts. Saw some really good stuff starting to shine through with these guys. Wrestling background is really shining through. Both Gary and David made it to Sectionals and their wrestling season officially ended yesterday.
We finished the day with a very neglected aspect of our training here…shillelagh. We  on the Footpad and Cane method focusing on two head strikes and defense plus the uppercut with the heavy end.
I am feeling a bit run over by a bus right now…grappling can do that to you if you go too long between bouts or maybe it is just that I am 47 grappling with teenagers:) Either way I am in need of a massage and maybe some vodka.
I have been taking it easy due to a flare up of tendinitis but trusty o9l’ DMSO is working wonders and I am fully feeling like using my arm again after a month or so of babying it.

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