Session 10-21-12

Dave, Gary and I today…
2 round shadow boxing
2 rounds rope drill
We then worked an upper cut counter to a jab when standing in mirrored stances. one of my favorite counters. I will even assume a mirror stance just to get a chance to throw this counter. i picked this counter up from Moore vs Cooper way back in the day, one of my favorite modern boxing fights:

1 round focus mitts
Introduction to the overhand. First time these guys got to work on this. We also did some Russian style RAF drills for traditional fisticuffs, confusing at times but real brain expanders. The room soon filled with smoke from our overcooked brains.

We jumped into sambo…no jackets today. Body wheel throw today followed by some work from collar and elbow position standing and then from the Russian 2 on 1.

We ended the session with Dave and I doing about 20 minutes on German longsword…meisterhau was the word of the day and we worked on all five for just a few minutes each.


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