Session 9-30-12

Running just about as late as usual with this…
Chris, Dave, Gary and I on Sunday.
2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds focus gloves
3 rounds of either 3 count or two count drills stand up.
2 rounds kickfighting
On with our kurtkas for some sambo…
3 rounds of grip work.
Today we worked the cross lapel grab into the low podvhat. Very Uchi mata like for those familiar with that judo term, just a lot uglier. We also worked some holding and hitting, double lapel grab to knee, cross grab sleeve to kick to the stomach and or rear cross. Parterre next, we worked on the double wrist lock or Kimura to use a more familiar term for some. Both Gary and Dave took to this one really well with Chris leading the instruction. We ended the grappling with Gary and Dave taking a turn rolling live with Chris.
A video of me actually learning how to do this throw a few years ago.
Dave and I then went outside for some basic German longsword work. He remembered what we did the previous week, which is nice. After a quick review we focused on zwerchau. Some good stuff to practice for next time.


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