Session 9-23-12

Dave, Gary and myself today.

2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds focus pads
2 rounds one for one boxing drills

Since both these guys are new, we also worked some body mechanics for certain punches including the uppercut, which they were introduced to today. Both are coming along nicely, very happy about that. Their father is hanging out as well helping hold pads which is pretty handy…as anyone who has held the pads knows, it is harder to do a good job as the feeder than the guy hitting the pads at times.

We threw on some jackets for sambo…first off, parterre or groundwork. We worked on gaining and holding the head and arm position and then a few escapes, working it into a drill. We then worked gaining the armbar from a simple take down off of an opponents failed shoot. We then worked a few throws and sub combos including the sambo single and back trip, finishing up with the old man’s throws, as we call it.

We finished the session with Gary working the bag and Dave and I going some basics with German longsword.

Chris won his fight on Saturday night, via choke in round 1. Hoping tog et some video of it.


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